Scaleway – Get Started For Free With Up To €500 Credits

Scaleway is offering up to €500 in free credit to any new accounts for trying their cloud products, so this is the highest free credit that you can receive from a Cloud Computing company for now.

Scaleway – Get Started For Free With Up To €500 Credits

Scaleway is a Europe based company; they offering an unmanaged cloud hosting service and has data centers in France and Amsterdam. All Scaleway products, including Cloud Instances, GPU Instances, Load Balancer, and Object Storage, have the pricing are much cheaper than most of its competitors. Scaleway is unique in that they have designed their own ARM-based servers. Today, it is one of the top cloud hosting companies in France.

To receive free €500 in Scaleway Credit, you should need to create a new account and link it to a valid credit card. A fee of €2 will be charged to verify your account, and it will return to your card in 1 to 3 weeks.

The free credit of €500 will only be valid in the month of your account was created and will be ended at the end of that month. That means if you create your account today (e.g August 1), then you will have a €500 free credit to try Scaleway through August 31, 2019.

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* Scaleway currently supports Credit and Debit cards as forms of payment.

If you are not satisfied with Scaleway, don’t forget to remove any existing resources and cards in your account to avoid any unwanted fees in the future.

Here are some other cloud hosting providers that are currently providing free credit to its new accounts:

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