The Benefits of a Dedicated IP Hosting

There comes a time when every owner of a website will need to decide whether they need to get a dedicated IP in order to achieve the objectives that made them go online. Typical questions to ponder include: How will getting a dedicated IP assist me and how does a shared IP differ from a dedicated IP? What exactly is an IP and what is its importance?

The Benefits of a Dedicated IP Hosting

Why is a Dedicated IP address better?

An IP can be defined as a series of unique numbers that help to identify individual computers on the internet. If you own a domain and you would like to have a look at its website, your computer can access the web server that hosts your domain because your domain points to an IP-which is simply its own unique internet address. Having a dedicated IP means you can visit your website by just going directly to the IP or you can use the domain name in your browser. Ordinarily, nearly all websites use a shared IP when they start. Using a shared IP address means you share it with potentially hundreds of clients running multiple domains. This may be okay if you do not have very high expectations for your website. It can, however, potentially affect the reputation of your email among other issues.

Many blacklisting companies including TrendMicro, The CBL and Spamhaus will blacklist IP addresses depending on the kind of activity that emanates from them. If hundreds of domains share an IP and just one mail account on this IP becomes compromised and starts to send spam email, the major blacklisting companies will blacklist the IP address. The major providers of email and internet services scan and crosscheck every IP address that they get email from with the blacklisting companies they work with. If an IP appears on the blacklist, the email is rejected to avoid potential spam. If you want to reduce the possibility of unknown factors affecting your reputation and email use, acquiring a dedicated IP ensures that you will be in charge of all information passing through it. So as to ensure that offer a high quality service and prevent the occurrence of such issues in the Shared Hosting Solutions, most of Web Hosting Company use many email servers which guarantees that the emailing practices of other users do not affect you.

Chances are that you have online stores where you are seeking to get people to purchase products through your site. If you wish to have a website that can encrypt and secure your client’s information as they buy on your website, you will require an SSL certificate.

  • When you go to a website which has http://, this is a non-secure site. This, in essence, means that the information you submit from your computer to that website is in plain text and is therefore exposed to man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • When you visit a website which is in https://, it means the website will encrypt all the data traveling between your computer and the website and hence attackers cannot exploit your information. For this reason, you will need a dedicated IP in order to acquire an SSL certificate!

A dedicated IP is also beneficial if you need higher performance from your website. You can enjoy extended process timeouts for applications which are long-running, quicker handling of site traffic from the webserver, and better security if the server’s shared IP is hit by a DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. DDos attacks are quite unpleasant. They result in an overload of enhanced traffic that attempts to disable a webserver, rendering it completely unresponsive. Fortunately, most of company also have the requisite protection in place. In the event of a DDos attack on the shared IP of the server, the permitted traffic to this shared IP changes to ultra-filtering mode. This means only a certain amount of traffic actually accesses the web server. If an email or a query to your website is not among the permitted data packets that get through the filter, then people may be unable to visit your website. Or when they send an email, it will bounce back with the message that the server was unable to deliver. In such a case, having a dedicated IP would ensure that even if there are other IPs on the server targeted by this traffic filtering, your business goes on as usual since your email or website is not affected!

If it is vital to have a secure website by using an SSL certificate, getting a reputation for proper email management and dedicated resources are absolute necessities for you and your business. Acquiring a dedicated IP is your first step to enjoying an improved online experience.

If you are interested to Dedicated IP Hosting

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