The Error Message at GoDaddy When Make a Payment.

Some error message that you need to know  to be able to carry out transactions swiftly and efficiently when make a payment at GoDaddy. Please let me know if you get an another error message.

1. It would be impossible for a slip token to be used in one’s motherland or the card’s data.

This error normally clings to one another particularly if one is from Vietnam. This happens because the GoDaddy can only be used in some designated countries. The coupon are relatively low-cost with the prices being $0.99, $ 1.99, and $2.95 visa cards are also accepted.
An error message may appear in the following format:

The Error Message at GoDaddy When Make a Payment.

There was a problem processing your transaction. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment.


There was a problem authorizing your credit. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment.

When it comes to tokens, one uses the voucher on the blog and payment is guaranteed since it has been verified before the post is posted online. In a situation where one uses the token on a blog that is faulty, the best thing to do is get rid of the domain and once it has been removed, key in the code of the token. This can happen quite often. On top of this, analyze the card for possible hitches which may include:

  • Payments that are done online which may not be acceptable everywhere. For instance, some banks don’t recognize online mode of payment. For this reason it is imperative to contact the bank to know about their payment policies beforehand.
  • Ever made an intercontinental disbursement then disregarded or failed to follow up on the balance in the bank account? This is inclusive of the smallest mandatory amount that must be in the account, and this is used to maintain the card and thus cannot be used.
  • The data that is recorded on the card must be accurate and this includes the official name in full, the card cypher and CVV.

In conclusion, if you have looked into all that and the error text still appears, it could be that the card was debarred from GoDaddy.

2. Error GoDaddy token hoard

For this case the message appears as follows:
The Error Message at GoDaddy When Make a Payment.

You qualified for multiple money-saving offers! We’ve automatically applied the best offer, giving you the lowest price.

This error is about the hoard of GoDaddy token. One may be forced to first do away with the domain before using the coupon. This procedure may have to be done a couple of times.

Or a simple way to save time is choose “Make my private domain” and then “Keep My personal info“.

The Error Message at GoDaddy When Make a Payment.The domain wanes the minute this message is received.
The Error Message at GoDaddy When Make a Payment.

3. Not accept form of payment.

Unfortunately, we are unable to process your purchase using this form of payment. Please utilize another form of payment, or contact (480) 505-8855 for further assistance.
  • Majority of this deduction codes normally are not authentic, genuine ones usually appear in the form of: 99 cent, $1.99 and $2.95…
  • The GoDaddy Coupon can only be used in a few designated countries such as US and Canada…
  • Whether it is documented in the page of GoDaddy or not, the final step is to go over it one more time.
  • The error will still be there even when one changes the card since the data is still the same.

4. Limit to 1 time per customer:

Some of our best offers are limited to one per customer and it looks like you’ve already used one. We’ve updated your cart with the best offer, if one is available.

The Error Message at GoDaddy When Make a Payment.In August 2015, GoDaddy has changed the Discount TOS, and now one customer just have once used discount code while made a payment.

How to fix: No way. Change to other domain registrar is the best way.

5. Do not utilize the coupon and payment error:

This will occur when you does not add any coupon payments that still flops. This happens due to admission to GoDaddy via an intermediary relation that can not be used in your country
To tackle this problem, you can type any text to the “Have a Promo Code” box to delete, then you add the valid godaddy promo code again.

Lastly, if you have followed the above guidelines and still encounter difficulties, get rid of this coupon and look for another alternative.

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