Top 5 Tlds Domain Registered in First-Half of 2017

According to NameCheap, one of the world’s leading domain name registrars, in the first half of 2017, hundreds of top-level domains were released out of a total of more than 27 million domain names registered worldwide.

Leading the list is the .Club domain with over 900,000 releases. This domain name has seen strong growth in the first half of this year. (.CLub domain statistics in Q1 2017). Next of .CLub is the .Tech, with over 300,000+ registered, .Shop with 200,000+, .Cloud with 100,000 and .Live with over 100,000 registered.

Why .club domain is booming?

Top 5 Tlds Domain Registered in First-Half of 2017

.Club – Q1 2017 Premium Sales Report

One big reason we can not deny is that .Club domains can be widely used for a variety of purposes. From the bar, the Game Club, the football club, or just a teams with few peoples also want to own a .Club domain for themselves.

The next important reason is because the .Club domain name can be registered at very cheap rates. Most domain name vendors are selling it for less than $1 for the first year (NameCheap is selling for $ 0.88, GoDaddy for $ 0.99 …). Unlike .COM domains, when you have to spend over $10 per domain if you do not use discount codes, the .Club domain with the above price will not make you think a lots when choosing. Even if you do not buy the right domain name you want, you can easily ignore it and buy another domain, because it’s so cheap 🙂

The last reason, in my opinion, is that this domain name is very popular in the Chinese market, the largest market in the world. With more than 1.6 billion people, if only 10% of them like .Club domain, the number of .Club domain registered in worldwide will also increase significantly.

Hope you’ll choose the tlds domain that right fit for you. Nice a day 🙂

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