35% OFF UptimeRobot Promo Code On September 2023

Suppose you’re using a free subscription and consider updating to UptimeRobot Pro plan for more valuable features and functions. In that case, you can do it today and use the UptimeRobot promo code to get up to 35% off your order and save money.

35% OFF UptimeRobot Promo Code On September 2023

If you are a web admin, I assure you will know about UptimeRobot (uptimerobot.com). Launched in January 2010, Uptime Robot is the world’s leading uptime monitoring service used by more than 1,6 million web admins around the globe to monitor their websites daily. There are many reasons that they choose UptimeRobot instead of the other monitor services, but the primary key is that it’s totally free with no credit card needed, and you can monitor up to 50 resources per that free account. That basically is really enough for most common users.

UptimeRobot includes many different monitor types so that you can use it to monitor your websites, servers, SMTP, DNS, keywords, or any of your other projects. Besides the Free plan, UptimeRobot also has Pro and Enterprise paid plans for professional users who need advanced features like faster downtime detection, SMS and Voice call alerts, Status Page with a custom domain, more monitors than 50, etc. Especially if you want to enjoy those premium features of the Pro subscription, sign up for it today so you can save up to 35% with our best UptimeRobot coupon codes here.

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UptimeRobot Plans

35% OFF UptimeRobot Promo Code On September 2023

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The differences between monitor types at UptimeRobot

35% OFF UptimeRobot Promo Code On September 2023

Here are the differences between all monitor types that UptimeRobot offers.

HTTP(s) Monitoring

The service regularly sends requests (which are the same as if a visitor is browsing your website) to the URL and decides if it is up or down depending on the HTTP statuses returned from the website (200-success, 404-not found, etc.). It’s perfect for website monitoring.

PING Monitoring

Ping (ICMP) requests are sent, and the up/down status is decided according to the “if responses are received or not”. Ping is not a good fit for monitoring websites as a website (its IP) can respond to ping requests while it is down (which means that the site is down, but the server hosting the site is up). This is good for monitoring a server.

PORT Monitoring

Good for monitoring services like SMTP, DNS, and POP as all these services run from a specific port, and UptimeRobot decides their statuses if they respond to the requests or not.

KEYWORD Monitoring

Check whether a keyword exists or not on a web page.

CRON-JOB (Heartbeat) Monitoring

The feature works oppositely compared to other monitoring types. UptimeRobot provides a unique URL for each heartbeat monitor created and expects the monitored item to send regular requests to this URL. Once a frequent request doesn’t arrive on time, the monitor is marked as down. Suitable for servers/computers/devices inside an intranet (but connected to the Internet) and must be monitored.

Setting up UptimeRobot to monitor applications and websites is straightforward and fast. You just need to log in to the account panel, click on the “+ Add New Monitor,” choose a monitor type, enter some required information, and you’re all set. If you don’t understand any setting up steps, check it out on their FAQ page for more.

If UptimeRobot does not work well for your websites or it gives wrong results, the most likely reason is your firewall rules have blocked it. In that case, you must whitelist UptimeRobot’s IP addresses so that any requests that UptimeRobot sends are not blocked. You can get the IP list of UptimeRobot here:

I’ve been using UptimeRobot to monitor the New Coupons blog for years, and it’s worked very well. In all cases, whenever getting downtime, I instantly receive an alert from UptimeRobot for that. So, very satisfied with this service so far.

35% OFF UptimeRobot Promo Code On September 2023

You can try it with a free account, then upgrade to a Pro membership thereafter. That way, you will don’t lose your money if you’re unhappy with it.

Good luck, Guys 🙂

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