Vimeo New Pricing – Three Main Subscription Tiers

Suppose you are in a Vimeo premium membership or consider using Vimeo for your business or team. In that case, you should take care of their new pricing model since it’s been applied now for all new customers, replacing the old subscription tiers.

Vimeo New Pricing – Three Main Subscription Tiers

What’s new?

As a valued partner of Vimeo, we’ve recently received a notification that they’ve replaced their old pricing model, which includes five subscription plans (Plus, Pro, Pro Unlimited, Premium, and Business), with a new model with three main subscription tiers.

Following the change, the new premium subscriptions of Vimeo are now Vimeo Starter, Vimeo Standard, and Vimeo Advanced. Prices would also be changed, as below:

  • Vimeo Starter: $12/seat/month ($144/seat/year)
  • Vimeo Standard: $420/seat/year
  • Vimeo Advanced: $660/seat/year

You can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription for the Vimeo Starter plan. But, the Vimeo Standard & Advanced would only be available to buy on an annual basis. In addition, the Vimeo Enterprise plan is still there, but as always, you need to connect to their sales team to buy it.

Vimeo New Plans Pricing & Features

Vimeo New Pricing – Three Main Subscription Tiers

Feature Starter Standard Advanced Enterprise
Video uploads and creation $5/seat/month (monthly)
$60/seat/year (annual)
$120/seat/year $240/seat/year Custom
Seats Up to 200 Up to 200 Up to 200 Up to 200
Number of videos 5
Screen recordings Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Player embedding and customization
Video privacy settings
Basic templates for video creation
Video chaptering & SEO enhancements
Engagement & social analytics
Email support
Player and video branding
Custom CTAs & end cards
Lead capture with custom forms
Premium templates for video creation
Include stock photos, videos, and music in Create videos
Sell individual videos on demand
Virtual events & webinars Unlimited Unlimited
Live Q&A, polls, chats
Attendee Registration
(up to 100 per event)

(up to 500 per event)
Branded invite & reminder emails
Real-time stream health
Marketing integrations
Chat support during live events
Custom permissions
Advanced marketing integrations
Moderate live Q&A
Backup streams
Interactive video
Phone support
Account manager
Production services

There are a lot of changes in the features of each plan, but here are three top of these:

  • Replace storage caps with numbers of videos. New plans now provide a specific number of videos with each subscription tier instead of storage caps.
  • Support additional seats on all plans. All new Vimeo plans now allow adding other paid seats to a single account or adding view-only team members for free.
  • More tools for each plan. Some widgets, add-ons, or features you can only get on previous high-tier plans, are now included in each new subscription level.

Additionally, the Free plan is still available in Vimeo New Pricing model. This plan gets no change in features at all. It allows you to upload or create two videos monthly and up to 25 videos in total with no ads, basic templates, limited tools & animations, and some basic features. You can take your Video Free plan for life, as long as you do not violate their terms.

Vimeo New Pricing FAQs

How will new Vimeo plans be rolled out?

All new users will now choose these new Vimeo plans to get started with. Old customers are not affected and can continue their current plans.

Is this change affect my current paid subscription??

No. You can continue on your current plan if you’re already a paying subscriber to any of the Plus, Pro, Business, or Premium plans. But anytime you wish, you can switch to one of the new plans if it makes sense.

Can I renew my current Vimeo plan instead of buying a new one?

You can, of course. Vimeo does not require you to move your current subscription to one of the new plans if you don’t want. So, if your existing Vimeo subscription expires, you can renew and continue to use it as normal.

What the seat is?

Each plan includes one seat, which is the Owner and has the highest level of permissions to manage content, update billing information, or manage team members.

Owners can buy additional seats for either Admin or Contributor user types.

Both Admins and Contributors can upload and create videos. Admins can also invite additional team members to the account.

Viewers have the lowest permissions and can only view and comment on videos but can be added to the team account for free.

What payment methods do Vimeo New Plans accept?

For all standard purchases, you can use:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • PayPal

For international payment methods, you can use:

  • Carte Bleue
  • CartaSi
  • Dankort
  • China UnionPay

Vimeo does not accept checks, invoices, and purchase orders for new Vimeo memberships.

Does new plans have storage capacity restrictions?

No. There is no limit on storage capacity in new Vimeo plans since it has been replaced with the limit on the number of videos you can upload in your subscription period, as follow:

– Vimeo Starter allows 5 videos uploaded per seat per month.
– Vimeo Standard allows 10 videos uploaded per seat per month.
– Vimeo Advanced allows 15 videos uploaded per seat per month.

Is there a bandwidth restriction on new subscription tiers?

You will receive up to 2TB (2,000GB) bandwidth to deliver your videos to viewers per seat per month. If you reach that monthly limit, you will receive notifications asking you to lower your bandwidth consumption. You can always track your bandwidth usage within your account control panel.

Can I get a discount for these new plans?

Yes, you can. Vimeo regularly provides promo codes for customers, and you can use one of them to get a discount on any new plan mentioned above. You can also check out our Vimeo Promo Codes for the best deals you can receive every month. Kindly note that all of Vimeo’s promotional codes give a one-time discount for your subscription order, not recurring or for life.

Can I get a refund for these new Vimeo subscriptions?

Yes, you can. Vimeo provides a refund for all new Starter, Standard, and Advanced plans. Their refund policy details are as below:

– If you subscribe to a yearly plan, you are eligible for a refund within the first 30 days of the purchase.

– If you subscribe to a monthly plan, you are eligible for a refund within the first 5 days of the purchase.

In order to request a refund, you must contact their support here. In addition, visit the Vimeo Refund Policy page for more terms.

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