Why Free Web Hosting is not Free ?

Free web hosting services are usually considered free but are supported by advertisements. Even though they are very limited, advertising for free website hosting is available. Unlike paid website hosting where you only get a second level domain with hosting, you will get a domain or directory with a free web hosting service. They offer use of domains that you will need to buy separately.

Why Free Web Hosting is not Free ?Every business highly needs a website in today’s world and hosting a website has now become compulsory. Web hosting is, therefore, considered one of the most important features of having an online business presence. Several services are offered in free web hosting, and a number could be unforeseen. The bottom line, however, is that free web hosting is not always the best option.

Why Free Web Hosting is not Free?

The following sections will give you more insight on the disadvantages of free web hosting.

Hosting in General
To be available online, every web page needs to be hosted on a server. It is therefore your responsibility to give the server the greatest care. While it could be expensive to many, it is affordable for big companies, businesses, and professionals. This causes stiff competition among companies since they all strive to offer different prices for different features, and some go to the extent of offering free hosting for your website. You, however, need to understand the benefits of free hosting.
Is a Free Web Hosting plan really FREE?
The sole reason every business is on the market is so that it makes a profit. Even though they offer web hosting for free, even these companies need to make a profit. They, therefore, offer web hosting for free among other paid services that they offer. Other companies will, however, provide the free web hosting on a trial basis or as a sample. You will then be charged after a certain time has lapsed. These are some of the good strategies employed by these companies to make money and earn a profit in a legal way. But we will not term these companies as offering totally free web hosting.
Are they Reliable?
Thousands of website hosting service providers are available online. A simple Google search will reveal that there are both paid and free service providers. Many free web hosting providers are usually run by entrepreneurs who are not yet successful online and are trying to gain a footing in the market. The fact that they are offering free services while still at the launch pad means that you are not guaranteed that they will continue providing the service. This means that websites hosted with them are prone to encounter problems in the services offered by these companies.

Even the best companies stand a very real chance of becoming archaic if they do not strive to remain abreast with technological advancements. No matter the availability of free web hosting service and its popularity, a small mistake or bad management of a company could spell its demise and consequently, the end of its services too. On the other hand, companies offering paid web hosting have a more steady income and are more stable, meaning they stand fewer chances of collapsing.

The role of advertising
Most free services are given in the form of free advertisements shown on your web pages. Since the advertisements are posted for free, they could greatly hamper your money making ability online. This makes free web hosting a terrible idea for you if you want to make money through advertisements. A better approach would be to pay for a web hosting service from profits you make and then make revenue from advertisements posted on your site. However, if you are not using advertisements as your main source of revenue, you will not have any control over advertisements displayed on your site. If you would like your website to be free of advertisements, free web hosting will not allow this and can, therefore, be problematic for a business website as it can even drive away business.
Extra Features
In many cases, free web hosting service providers offer very little services since their services are also quite few. They will put a cap on the size of a website (maximum number of pages) and in so doing, make it impossible for you to add extra options like for multimedia. This is bad for a business as it will negatively affect its ability to grow and expand and future expansion will be impossible. This makes the free services offered inflexible and this unsuitable. Free hosting services will, however, increases your productivity and make your work easier. On the other hand, paid web hosting provides much more services like the support of social media plugins, multimedia, live customer support, domain names, blog, and much more.
Some popular free sites
One of the most famous free web hosting sites is WordPress.com. It is used by many people and is an especially favorite for web developers who specialize in website creation and design. You get 3GB of storage space on the site but without any plugins for customization. If you pay for additional services, you can get a limited number of them like increased storage space, access to premium themes, and increased control of advertisements that are displayed on your site. This site will be of much use to you if you only need some of the services that meet your requirements, and if cost is not an issue to you.

Another popular free web hosting site is Blogger.com, which is owned by Google. Even though the service is free for use, it lacks a professional look. Blogger does not limit the storage space you can use or the number of pages your website can have. This site can be great for a free blog, but it cannot be used as a substitute for a professional business website.

Why Free Web Hosting is not Free ?
Finally, it is important to note that choosing a free hosting service provider can be great but the costs could be very high. You could suffer from less (or even nil) revenue, be less productive, and stand a real chance of your business collapsing. In the long run, going to a paid web hosting plan could prove to be much better and offer better returns than a free web hosting service could ever have.

Nowadays, web hosting service was provided by thousands company with very low price, high quality and support very good such as GoDaddy with shared hosting only $1.00 plus 01 domain free or NameCheap with web hosting only $7.9 per year… I just think, with only $12 for a year, you can forget free web hosting now.

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