2018’s NameCheap American Dreams Day – Save 19% on .COM + $0.88 .US

To celebrate the 2018’s American Dreams (July 04), NameCheap just released a new promo code giving the customers get a 19% discount on any new .COM registrations. Also you will have a chance to register a .US domain at the cheapest price in the market, just $0.88 for the 1st year.

The concept of the American Dream has been well known for some time. Notions of a new world, different than the old one, were invoked by the founding fathers. The idea of a new world where anything was possible was used more than a century ago to encourage immigration. Politicians reference it constantly on the campaign trail. Indeed, the American Dream has a long intellectual history that permeates the national character… What Does the American Dream Mean ?

2018's NameCheap American Dreams Day – Save 19% on .COM + $0.88 .US

NameCheap’s AmericanDreams Offers

FOURTHOFJULYSave 19% on .COM registrations – Just $8.8/year. (Renewal Price $12.98)
Get Deal$0.88 .US domain registrations. (Renewal Price $10.48)

*** Notes:

  • Not include a $0.18 ICANN fee on each domain registration.
  • FREE WhoisGuard for Life for .COM domain.
  • Pay with Paypal – Credit Card – Account Balance.
  • Offers end July 4th.

Good luck 🙂

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