7 Renewal Questions Every GoDaddy User Should Know

In this article I’d like to explore some of the things that most GoDaddy’s customer should know before renew any product and service at GoDaddy.

7 Renewal Questions Every GoDaddy User Should Know

How much does Godaddy domain renewal cost?

It is dependent on the domain extensions you want to renew. Currently, GoDaddy applies the renewal costs for .COM is $14.99, $18.99 for .NET, $19.99 .ORG, $34.99 for .CO. To find the exact cost of your domain, follow the video below:


Why GoDaddy promo codes doesn’t work with you?

There’s many reasons, but let try the following guides to fix it:

  • Find the answer on the post why godaddy promo codes doesn’t work.
  • Delete your browser’s cookie and then retry.
  • Switch to another browsers if current browser showing the error: “The code you entered is invalid or expired“.
  • Some codes may not work with existing customers or some countries due to the Godaddy Policies.
  • Many codes only work with Credit Card or Bank transfer, not PayPal.

What is the maximum(or minimum) time length of renewal at GoDaddy?

You can renew your domain for up to five years upon you find a great coupon (like the ones provided above) for save the cost. Beside, 1-year is min length for renewal term at GoDaddy.

Can I renew my domain name after it expires?

If you did not set ON with the auto-renew feature, and then your domain name expires, you will still have a 18-day to renew it at no extra cost.

– After 18 days, you must pay a redemption fee of $80, this period lasts from day 19 to day 30.

– On the 25th day after expiration, GoDaddy will put your domain name up for auction with a domain name industry auction service. You still can renew it.

– On the 30th day after expiration, your domain name is no longer able to be renewed or transferred away. Your domain name will then go into a public auction.

My domain name is long-time expired, can I recover it ?

If your domain has been expired for long times and you no longer to see it in the account, first you need to check its whois informations, focuses to the Registrar Status (or Domain Status) section you may see somethings like this:
– Status: Pending Delete => Your domain cannot be recovered.
– Status: Redemption Period => You still can recover it. Let make a call to GoDaddy Customer Supporter, if your domain is eligible for recover they will pull it back into your account. There’s an associated redemption fee with this process.

If my domain has expired, can I transfer it out of GoDaddy ?

According to ICANN regulations, the answer is YES, you can still transfer your expired domain from GoDaddy to another registrar during the renewal grace period. But, if GoDaddy has begun to delete your domain in their data, you must pay an additional fee to restore before it can be transferred out.

Where can I get the help for my renewals ?

If have any questions, don’t hesitate contact to their supporter team and ask for help. Here’re all channels for you get in touch with them.


Hope this helps. Now can can use these godaddy renewal coupons or this 27% off tip or this 20% off trick to save your money when renew your services on GoDaddy.

Good Luck 🙂

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