Understanding the Different Types of SSL Certificates

A reliable SSL Certificate is one of the key considerations anyone signing up for a web hosting account should seriously consider. If you are selling things online, they enable you to do so securely. Therefore, if your goal is to have an online store that gives customers the option of paying through credit cards, then an SSL certificate will enable you to ensure the security of your customer’s cards and money.

Your customer’s sensitive information could end up in the wrong information if you do not use SSL encryption. You will, therefore, have peace of mind when operating your online store if you have a valid certificate and the right implementation.

If you need an SSL certificate, there are several types that you could choose from. It is, therefore, important for you to weigh the factors of each type before you settle for one that best suits your needs.

1. Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate

Understanding the Different Types of SSL CertificatesOf all SSL certifications available on the market today, the DV Domain Validation is undoubtedly the most popular SSL certification. It helps in checking for fraud URLs and database spoofing cases and is therefore quite popular with email domain owners. It enables you to check whether an email you have received is indeed from the specified sender and so, helps to examine the URL of any incoming email to eliminate cases of scamming. The DV Domain Validation is therefore specifically used in validating the URL (domain name), unlike most other certifications that protect online transactions.

2. Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate

Understanding the Different Types of SSL CertificatesExamining various databases and elements found online is one of the main functions of the OV Organizational Validation certificate. Therefore, this certification gives you an overall picture of the validity of a company by examining its name and domain name. It will, therefore, give you the peace of mind by protecting you from possible online attacks.


3. Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

Understanding the Different Types of SSL CertificatesThis authentication certificate is very strict. It not only checks for SSL certificates but also OV and DV arena. With this certification, you can identify the entities that manage a given website and at the same time create encrypted channels for communication. They are therefore great for keeping your customers safe from fraud and identity theft. For this reason, they are vital for situations where credit cards are used because of their ability to curb cases of fraud.

In summary, SSL certifications help to reduce phishing and protect your users from identity theft cases. They even help the police and other investigation bodies to capture hackers. It is, therefore, a worthy investment using one of these certificates for your online businesses.

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Cost of Using SSL Certificates

Before investing in an SSL certificate, it is important to understand that they are more costly compared to a standard web hosting solution. Subscribing to a web hosting service is one of the most important steps in setting up an online presence. However, being SSL certified is crucial and fundamental in enabling you safeguard your customer’s information online. Depending on the hosting provider you have chosen, the price of an SSL certificate will vary.
You may, however, note that the cost of the DV Domain Validation certificate is lower compared to other versions already discussed. If you are looking for the best performance, you are better placed with the EV Extended Validation Certificate because it guarantees you the maximum protection against phishing, hacking, and other online fraud activities.

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Implications for not using an SSL certificate for your online business

You are most probably asking yourself this question right now. Is it okay to set up an online store without using and SSL certificate? And are these SSL certifications really important to an online business?
The simple answer to both these questions is “Yes”. However, while it could be very easy to decide not to use any form of SSL certification for your online business, you are bound to have a very hard time trying to sell your products and services. One reason for this is that you will not be able to ensure high privacy levels for the information of customers who go to your online store. This information could include you customer’s credit card details or even their personal details.

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You will, therefore, have little option apart from purchasing one of the available SSL certificates for your online store. In simple terms, it will be very hard for both customers and investors to trust you business if it lacks SSL certification. To gain their trust, you must invest in an SSL certificate.

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