What is SSL Certificate & Why Choose GoDaddy To Order

The internet today is what it was a few years ago. Security is now a top concern for everyone browsing online. It has therefore become a necessity for people and companies to protect themselves from people with malicious intention using any means necessary.

For people and organizations with a lot to lose, this could be in the form of multiple firewalls intended to keep intruders out. Complex network encryptions are also another way that people use to protect themselves online.

But one of the most universally used method is the use of encrypted HTTP requests. You would know a website that uses this encryption if it has a HTTPS preceding its domain name. This encryption is made possible by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates.

What is SSL Certificate & Why Choose GoDaddy To Order

Because more and more people are taking their online security seriously, it is now becoming mandatory for websites to encrypt all their traffic. Furthermore, a recent press release by Google Chrome development team revealed that newer versions of the browser will discourage users from visiting unencrypted websites. The ramifications of this action to websites without encryption would be less traffic as a result of people avoiding the site.

This GoDaddy SSL review is intended to shed a little more light on the choices available when looking for a valid SSL certificate for use for encrypting your website’s traffic. GoDaddy is among the leading domain name registrars and web hosting companies. It is therefore suitable for them to also offer SSL certificates. This makes them a one stop shop for all your hosting needs. What is more, there are different SSL certificates for different needs. You can therefore choose one that is best for you. But before we look at the types of SSL certificates available, let us understand how SSL works and the advantage of having one.

How SSL Works

SSL works in a very simple manner. It simply creates a secure channel through which your visitor’s browser and your server can communicate privately. Usernames, passwords, and other sensitive data can then be sent through this channel securely. Here is a breakdown of this process.

1 The SSL Handshake: When your visitor’s requests resources from your encrypted website, your SSL certificate creates an encrypted connection to your visitor’s browser automatically. This is where all further communication will go through. 2 Padlock Icon Appears: After the connection has been successfully established, a padlock icon appears in your visitor’s browser bar. The  HTTPS://  prefix is also appended to your domain name. This shows that the connection is now encrypted and sensitive information can now be shared securely. The browser’s status bar will also turn green if you have a high-assurance EV Certificate. 3 You are good to go: All information sent between the user’s browser and the server is now encrypted using 2048-bit encryption. This is virtually unhackable.

Advantages of SSL Certificates

Protects Sensitive Information
The main purpose of SSL certificates is protection of information. Having it on your website therefore protects your customer’s sensitive details like name, address, credit card details, and more by encrypting the data before it is sent to you. The information is only decrypted once it gets to you meaning that eavesdroppers cannot get hold of the details.
Increases Customer Confidence
Given recent security concerns, the https:// prefix has more importance. People now look out for the prefix before submitting sensitive information like login details, credit card information, and addresses to any website and would leave if the page is not encrypted. The only way of getting this prefix on your website is by having an SSL cert.
Authenticates Your Business
When registering for an SSL certificate, you would usually provide your business information. This information is then displayed on your visitor’s browser bar as a means of confirming to them that the website they are visiting is the true website of the said organization. This goes a long way in adding to your customer’s confidence.
Better Search Rankings
All search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing favor websites that encrypt their traffic using HTTPS encryption and would rank them higher than websites that use plain HTTP. Therefore, if you are using SSL to encrypt your web traffic, you would not only be protecting your visitors, but getting more due to higher search rankings that you would get as a result.
Safely Accept Online Payments
If you are selling online, having SSL is the only way to go. You would offer your visitors better security and also more payment options – most payment processors would not accept websites that are not encrypted. Therefore, if you want to sell to a bigger audience, you must have subscribed to an SSL certificate. There is just no shortcut for this.

Why Choose GoDaddy SSL Certificates ?

What is SSL Certificate & Why Choose GoDaddy To OrderGoDaddy is the most trusted SSL certificate provider, they using SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption (the strongest on the market) which secures the vital information of the customers such as credit card details and passwords. Customers need a secured website where their vital data will be safe without any chance of malpractice. GoDaddy directly addresses this worry of the users and ensures that that their data would be kept safely. When the customers have the confidence that their data is in a safe hand they will pay more visit to the trusted websites. If you are going for GoDaddy SSl Certificate it will give you an insurance cover of $1,000,000 in case of data lost or other damage caused due to the external factors. It also gives a 24×7 and 365 days in a year dedicated customer care service to solve every issue that you face or stand by with you in all your problems related to this site. You need choose GoDaddy services as it is the only web hosting provider that so far has no major records of intruders coming between the browser and the server.

GoDaddy SSL Plans

Godaddy has got different scam protections for a number of websites. The amount charged for protection is very minimal and it offers a very high standard of protection. Some of the best services are outlined below:
What is SSL Certificate & Why Choose GoDaddy To Order

  • For protection of one website the cost starts from $74.99 per year. You can look for other alternatives in the market but it’s certain that you will not get such a good standard of protection with this affordable price anywhere else.
  • For protecting more than one website you may have to pay $169.99 approx that might vary a little based on the website’s type and functionality.
  • If you need to protect all the sub domains the price starts from only $349.99 per year. Just with this minimum amount your entire domain and sub domain will get secured.

Types of SSL Certificates Available at GoDaddy

1.    Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

This is the highest class of SSL certification available. It uses the same powerful encryption methods as all other SSL certificates, but has a more rigorous vetting process to ensure authenticity. With the EV certificate, when visitors visit your website, their browser’s address bar turns green making them feel safe. This is the best SSL certificate for people with online stores or those accepting online payments.

 Price starts  at $99.99/year and $199.99/year for renewals.

Its strong points include:

  • An immensely rigorous vetting process that every applicant must pass. This ensures authenticity and goes a long way in assuring your customers.
  • Fast customer support for when you need urgent help with your certificate. The support team is always at your disposal.
  • A green address bar serves as a visual indicator to visitors that the page is encrypted and thus safe for online transactions.

2.    Organizational Validation (OV) Certificate

This certificate is specifically designed for businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. It is therefore the best option if yours is a non-eCommerce website. It confirms the authenticity of your business to your visitors thus boosting your credibility. However, in place of a green address bar, a padlock is displayed as a sign that the website is safe and one can submit passwords, addresses, and donations.

 Price starts  at $89.99/year and $99.99/year for renewals.

Its strong points include:

  • A padlock icon that assures your visitors that you are who you claim to be and that the website is truly yours.
  • It protects your visitor’s information prom falling into the wrong hands.
  • GoDaddy’s support team is also available all round the clock to promptly assist with any issue you may encounter.

3.    Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate

As the name suggests, a SAN (Subject Alternative Name) SSL certificate provides an easy and more affordable way of securing multiple websites using the same powerful encryption system as other SSL certificates. Therefore, if you own several websites, it would be easier and cheaper to get a SAN SSL certificate. Information that your visitors submit to all your websites will be safely encrypted.
This type of certificate is also called Unified Communication Certificate (UCC) or Multi-Domain SSL certificates.

 Price starts  at $134.99/year and $149.99/year for renewals

Its strong points include:

  • You can protect up to 100 websites using 1 SSL certificate (first five are free and the rest at an additional price).
  • SAN SSL certificates cost much less than buying certificates for all sites individually. It also simplifies your work since you can manage the security of up to 100 websites from a central dashboard.
  • You also get fast and all around the clock customer support.

4.    Wildcard SSL Certificate

A wildcard certificate offers protection on an unlimited number of servers and subdomains which result is huge savings. If you own a website that has several subdomains hosted on several servers, this is the solution for you. You will only pay for one SSL certificate that you will use to protect your main domain example.com and all its subdomains m.example.com, web.example.com, shop.example.com, and more. What is more, you will install and manage the certificate from a central dashboard.

 Price starts  at $269.99/year and $299.99/year for renewals.

Its strong points include:

  • Can be used for domains with multiple subdomains hosted on multiple servers (usable on an unlimited number of domains and servers).
  • A central management dashboard makes managing security features very easy.
  • GoDaddy’s customer support is on standby 24/7 to assist with any issue.
Compare GoDaddy SSL Certificates types
Domain Validation
Organization Validation
Extended Validation
Proves domain ownership xxx xxx xxx
Validates organization xxx xxx
Shows business is legitimate xxx
Boosts Google ® ranking xxx xxx xxx
Strongest SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption xxx xxx xxx
Padlock in address bar xxx xxx xxx
Green address bar xxx
Protects 1 website xxx xxx xxx
Protects multiple websites xxx xxx xxx
Protects all subdomains
(Wildcard SSL)
xxx xxx
Security trust seal xxx xxx xxx

Pros of GoDaddy SSL Certificates

What is SSL Certificate & Why Choose GoDaddy To OrderApart from offering all services you would need when setting up a new website – domain registration, website hosting, and SSL certificates, GoDaddy is still the best company to buy your SSL certification from because of a number of factors.

  • GoDaddy’s SSL certificates use the world’s strongest encryption (SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption) to encrypt communication between a server and visitor’s browser. This effectively stops hackers and eavesdroppers in their track.
  • GoDaddy also makes the installation process painless for you by offering one-click setup. If you already have bought a hosting package with GoDaddy, a single click of a button is all it takes to install your SSL certificate. No technical skills whatsoever are required.
  • Easy installation and protection from innumerable servers.
  • It protects all the vital information of your site and ensures a secured transaction every time.
  • Affordable price. Also, you can get more discount when using godaddy ssl coupon when buy SSL service at GoDaddy. Moreover if your this service is expiring, GoDaddy also offer the renewal promo code to make sure you’ll stayed with them.

Cons of GoDaddy SSL Certificates

  • Some of the advanced features are only available to limited number of plug-ins.
  • According to some customers an amount of $1,000,000 is not sufficient and needs to be increased :D.
  • Customers experienced some minor difficulties while installing the plug-ins but it got sorted out with the help of its efficient customer care.



What is SSL Certificate & Why Choose GoDaddy To Order
You can be assured to get full protection on your customer’s vital data with GoDaddy SSL Certificate. As customers always show interest to shop only on secured websites, once you get secured with the help of GoDaddy you will get more customers resulting in more business outputs. It is a highly recommended product for your websites. Just get one certificate and let GoDaddy take all the responsibilities of your web protection so that you can relax and concentrate on your business only.

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