DigitalOcean Promo Code – Free $200 Credit On September 2023

DigitalOcean has been known as one of the best cloud hosting providers in the World. With a reasonable price level, you can start for only $5/month (~$0.007/hr) to receive 1GB of Ram, 1 Core CPU, 25GB SSD Disk, and 1TB Bandwidth.

DigitalOcean Promo Code – Free $200 Credit On September 2023

Moreover, their service is also very professional; the supporter answers quickly and enthusiastically. And, there is no need to worry about payment methods cause you can easily use PayPal or Credit Card to pay.

DigitalOcean often offers free credit for new customers by using its promo code. After registering an account, you can go to Settings/Billing and enter the coupon code in the field, and you will get a minimum of $10 for free, as well as two free months with the $5/month plan – 1GB of memory/1 CPU/25GB SSD on DigitalOcean.

For more information about DigitalOcean, check out this review article and their new pricing model, effective from July 1, 2022.

DigitalOcean Coupon Codes On September 2023

(*) Offer Terms:

  • Coupon/Offer is only valid for DigitalOcean’s new account that has never used any code/offer before.
  • Limit one coupon per account.
  • The Free Credit must be used within 12 months.
  • The DigitalOcean Free Credits will be funded to your account once you link it to a valid credit card or PayPal (if uses Paypal, you need to make a prepayment of at least $5).

How to use DigitalOcean Coupon

  1. Sign up for a new account at Digital Ocean.
  2. Access and confirm your email address.
  3. Add your Credit Card information or deposit $5 via Paypal in the Billing section to verify your account.
  4. Enter the above coupon code and enjoy at least $10 right away.

Where to add Digitalocean Promo Code:

Please note that you must apply your coupon code right after verifying the account and only once used per user. DigitalOcean’s payment processor does not accept pre-paid or “virtual” debit cards or bitcoin(crypto) at this time, so let’s use your Credit card or PayPal.

It’s important to remember that DigitalOcean does not offer refunds for services. In case you have funded money to the account but didn’t use it on any services, you may try to request a refund with their support team; they sometimes will assist you.

DigitalOcean Droplet Pricing

Droplet plans of DigitalOcean are billed hourly up to a monthly cap with flat pricing across all data centers. Free features included in all droplet plans:  1-Click Apps Installer, Cloud firewalls, Monitoring & alerts, CLI & API, VPC/Private Networking, 99.99% uptime SLA, 24/7 world-class support, and more.

Standard DropletsGeneral Purpose DropletsCPU-Optimized DropletsMemory-Optimized Droplets (NEW)
Memory vCPUs SSD Disk Transfer Price
1 GB 1 vCPU 25 GB 1 TB $5/mo ($0.007/hr)
2 GB 1 vCPU 50 GB 2 TB $10/mo  ($0.015/hr)
2 GB 2 vCPU 60 GB 3 TB $15/mo  ($0.022/hr)
4 GB 2 vCPUs 80 GB 4 TB $20/mo  ($0.030/hr)
8 GB 4 vCPUs 160 GB 5 TB $40/mo  ($0.060/hr)
16 GB 8 vCPUs 320 GB 6 TB $80/mo  ($0.119/hr)
Memory vCPUs SSD Disk Transfer Price
8 GB 2 vCPUs 25 GB 4 TB $60/mo $0.089/hr
16 GB 4 vCPUs 50 GB 5 TB $120/mo $0.179/hr
32 GB 8 vCPUs 100 GB 6 TB $240/mo $0.357/hr
64 GB 16 vCPUs 200 GB 7 TB $480/mo $0.714/hr
128 GB 32 vCPUs 400 GB 8 TB $960/mo $1.429/hr
160 GB 40 vCPUs 500 GB 9 TB $1,200/mo $1.786/hr
Memory vCPUs SSD Variant SSD Transfer Price
4GB 2vCPUs 1x 25GB 4TB $40.00 ($0.05952/hr)
4GB 2vCPUs 2x 50GB 4TB $45.00 ($0.06696/hr)
8GB 4vCPUs 1x 50GB 5TB $80.00 ($0.11905/hr)
8GB 4vCPUs 2x 100GB 5TB $90.00 ($0.13393/hr)
16GB 8vCPUs 1x 100GB 6TB $160.00 ($0.23810/hr)
16GB 8vCPUs 2x 200GB 6TB $180.00 ($0.26786/hr)
32GB 16vCPUs 1x 200GB 7TB $320.00 ($0.47619/hr)
32GB 16vCPUs 2x 400GB 7TB $360.00 ($0.53571/hr)
64GB 32vCPUs 1x 400GB 9TB $640.00 ($0.95238/hr)
64GB 32vCPUs 2x 800GB 9TB $720.00 ($1.07143/hr)
Memory vCPUs SSD Variant SSD Transfer Price
16GB 2vCPUs 1x 50GB 4TB $80.00 ($0.11905/hr)
16GB 2vCPUs 3x 150GB 4TB $100.00 ($0.14881/hr)
16GB 2vCPUs 6x 300GB 4TB $125.00 ($0.18601/hr)
32GB 4vCPUs 1x 100GB 6TB $160.00 ($0.23810/hr)
32GB 4vCPUs 3x 300GB 6TB $195.00 ($0.29018/hr)
32GB 4vCPUs 6x 600GB 6TB $250.00 ($0.37202/hr)
64GB 8vCPUs 1x 200GB 7TB $320.00 ($0.47619/hr)
64GB 8vCPUs 3x 600GB 7TB $390.00 ($0.58036/hr)
64GB 8vCPUs 6x 1.17TB 7TB $500.00 ($0.74405/hr)
128GB 16vCPUs 1x 400GB 8TB $640.00 ($0.95238/hr)
128GB 16vCPUs 3x 1.17TB 8TB $785.00 ($1.16815/hr)
128GB 16vCPUs 6x 2.34TB 8TB $1000.00 ($1.148810/hr)
192GB 24vCPUs 1x 600GB 9TB $960.00 ($1.42857/hr)
192GB 24vCPUs 3x 1.76TB 9TB $1175.00 ($1.74851/hr)
192GB 24vCPUs 6x 3.52TB 9TB $1500.00 ($2.23214/hr)
256GB 32vCPUs 1x 800GB 10TB $1280.00 ($1.90476/hr)
256GB 32vCPUs 3x 2.34TB 10TB $1565.00 ($2.32887/hr)
256GB 32vCPUs 6x 4.69TB 10TB $2000.00 ($2.97619/hr)

Digitalocean also provides some extra storage services that you can attach to your droplet, including:

  • Spaces Object Storage: Starting at $5/mo for 250 GB storage + 1 TB bandwidth.
  • Block Storage: Starting at $10/mo for 100 GB storage.

And additional tools for your droplet, including:

  • Backups: The price equals 20% of the cost of your droplet.
  • Snapshots: $0.05/GB per month.
  • Load Balancers: Starts from $10 per month and $0.015/hr.
  • Floating IPs: $0.006 per hour for each unassigned, reserved IP.
  • App Platform: Free for Starter, $5/mo for Basic, and $12/mo for Professional plans.
  • Container Registry: Free, Basic ($5), and Professional ($20) plans.

DigitalOcean Server Locations and Test Speed

DigitalOcean Promo Code – Free $200 Credit On September 2023

DigitalOcean currently has 15 data centers around the world, which are located in the following locations:

Server Location Test File
Eastern United States
NY1 New York 1
NY2 New York 2
NY3 New York 3
Western United States
SFO1 San Francisco 1
SFO2 San Francisco 2
SFO3 San Francisco 3
TOR1 Toronto
LO1 London (UK)
FRA1 Frankfurt (Germany)
AMS2 Amsterdam 2 (Netherlands)
AMS3 Amsterdam 3 (Netherlands)
SGP1 Singapore
BLR1 Bangalore (India)

I have been using Digitalocean for many years now and am completely satisfied with its products. So let’s experience Digitalocean yourself.

Good luck


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