How to receive free $35 in DigitalOcean Credit

Recently, I received an email from CodeAnyWhere said that they has integrated DigitalOcean API into their Connection Wizard. This will give users a full management console with all the features of DigitalOcean, but inside Codeanywhere. Now CodeAnyWhere users will never have to leave the comfort of their favorite editor again to spin up a DigitalOcean server.

And to celebrate this new feature and partnership, DigitalOcean has provided $25 free credit for all Codeanywhere users that open a new DigitalOcean account. The digitalocean coupons are the equivalent of a full DigitalOcean server for 5 months free!

What is Codeanywhere?

codeanywhere.comCodeanywhere, Inc.
Codeanywhere is a collaboration platform for developers. Enabling them to share their files, folders or entire development environments to collaborate together in realtime. A complete toolset for web development, enabling you to edit, collaborate and run your projects from any device.

Update: This promotion is still work well in April 2017.

How to receive free $35 DigitalOcean Credit

Step 1: Sign up new CodeAnyWhere account

Go to CodeAnyWhere Signup Page, enter your Email and Password. Or you can sign up instantly with your Google plus / FaceBook / Bitbucket / Github. Also, just logged in if you was a membership at Codeanywhere.

Step 2: Create your $25 DigitalOcean coupon from CodeAnyWhere

After you sign up finished, CodeAnyWhere will redirect you to their Editor page. At there, you will see the Connection Wizard popup to create new projects. Look at the bottom left, click to DigitalOcean section, next you click “Get Coupon” and you’ll received a code for get free $25 in DigitalOcean Credit.
(If you were a member of CodeAnyWhere, just logged in, then choose File -> New Connection -> DigitalOcean.)

Step 3: Sign Up New DigitalOcean Account

Now you click to This Register Link (must use this link to receive a further of $10) to sign up new account at DigitalOcean, and paste the coupon you has copied at CodeAnyWhere to Settings > Billing > Promo Code. If you don’t know how create new DO account, please visit How to sign up DigitalOcean post.

If you do not get enough of $35 free credit, please open a support ticket and send to DigitalOcean support team (link to open a ticket).
Hope you success. And don’t forget subscribe digitalocean promo code page to get the latest discounts from DigitalOcean.Com.

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How do i get the additional $10?


That will come up from the digital ocean signup if you use someone’s referral link to join digital ocean


Very fast answear from DigitalOcean. I was open a ticket and they sent me the credit. I have got 25$. Thanks.