Top 10 Website To Finding Great Domain Names – 2018’s Updated

With an increase in the number of online businesses by the day, domain names are now the in-thing. Domain names are very important as they act as your website’s foundation, adding weight to your brand or lessening it.

Top 10 Website To Finding Great Domain Names - 2018's Updated

The essence of a domain name is that it allows others to visit your website, view it, interact with you and even refer others to your site.

Usually, established and well- known websites get more traffic, this is why settling for a domain name calls for precision. This is especially important with the rise of blogs, online businesses, social media and others. More people are going for custom domain names.

The history of domain names dates back 30 years when the first domain name was registered. Since then, more and more domain names are being registered on a daily basis. This has made the market of buying and selling of domains a very lucrative one. For instance, purchasing a well-known domain name can go for over 1 million depending on the situation.

For any successful online business, a lot of consultations must be done when coming up with the domain name. This is because a domain name plays a big role in selling a brand. If lost for choice on the domain name to go by, you can look for further help into domain name generators. These are sites that contain domain names that are not registered under anyone. Depending on your choice, they will provide you with an array of domain names to choose from. If you don’t want to go through all the hustle, you can as well buy a domain with an already established name.

So just where do you get great domain names? Well, below is a list of 10 sites for finding a great domain name.

NamePros (

Top 10 Website To Finding Great Domain Names - 2018's Updated

NamePros has been in the game for over a decade now. Through the years, it has managed to become a very popular domain marketplace attracting established experts, buyers and sellers to its site. With NamePros you are assured of getting great domain names at affordable prices. Giving a tip may also give you connections to the best domain names out there!

Sedo (

Top 10 Website To Finding Great Domain Names - 2018's UpdatedThis is the world’s leading domain’s market place. It hosts the best brokers and sellers in the market who are well vast with how domain names should be managed and sold. Sedo comes with an advanced domain filter to help make your choice easier by narrowing down the options available depending on what you want. As opposed to what many think, its prices are affordable as well.

Catchy (

Top 10 Website To Finding Great Domain Names - 2018's Updated

Unlike all other marketplaces, it takes a different turn when it comes to domains. As opposed to selling domains, it rents them on a contract basis instead. If you are just starting a business and you want it to pick up, you can rent a popular domain name for around $ 1000 a month. This is a relativity cheap and smart deal considering most popular domain names are very expensive. Catchy is also known to have very unique domain names that one may love.

GoDaddy (

Top 10 Website To Finding Great Domain Names - 2018's Updated

GoDaddy may not be the best option when it comes to hosting, however, you can’t go wrong getting your domain from them. It’s way of selling domains through biding makes this market place stand out, as you walk away with a great deal.

Domaining (

Top 10 Website To Finding Great Domain Names - 2018's Updated

Domaining has everything under one roof. It not only acts as a domain market place but a domain industry news aggregator and marketer for other market places as well. If you are looking for a marketplace with great domains at affordable prices then trust Domaining to give you the lead to it.

MissDomain (

Top 10 Website To Finding Great Domain Names - 2018's Updated

MissDomain helps you manage your domain in an easy and convenient way. It is a well-established market place that provides services such as registering of domain names, buying and selling of domains and also allows for auctioning of domain names.

Cax (

Top 10 Website To Finding Great Domain Names - 2018's Updated

Cax is one of the well-known professional domain marketplaces. It is known as being professional as it provides all the necessary details on all its domains. This makes buyers weigh its prices against those in the real world. Its search function has also been advanced to narrow down available choices to what best suits a buyer.

BrandBucket (

Top 10 Website To Finding Great Domain Names - 2018's Updated

BrandBucket is known to host the most domain names available thanks to its large online domain directory. Other than that, it hosts domains with the most catchy and brandable names that will put your business high up in the search engine. Their prices are also very affordable giving you great value for your money.

HuntingMoon (

*** Update: This site seem will be closed, it's not update any new news for a long time !
Top 10 Website To Finding Great Domain Names - 2018's Updated

HuntingMoon is known to have sellers and buyers who go way back. It is a classic marketplace and you get quality domains and domain names from veterans willing to dispose them. This is the marketplace that one ought to loot at once in a while. You can walk away with a great deal.

Flippa (

Top 10 Website To Finding Great Domain Names - 2018's Updated

Although Flippa is well known for dealing in buying and selling of websites, it also has great domain name deals. It is appealing as it informs its registered members of new domain names once they pop up. Prices on their domain names vary depending on different deals. However, they have amazing domain names that you may not find anywhere. As much as Flippa may not be your number one domain site, its best to keep looking into it for the domain names available.

Top 10 Website To Finding Great Domain Names - 2018's UpdatedWant your online business or blog to give you returns? Then trust the above sites for the best domain names available. Buying an already established domain name is better. Even though you are likely to spend more, you will see the returns in a short while. For the already established brands, going for custom domain names may not be a bad idea. After getting your domain name registered, don't forget to go for a hosting company that gives you an array of features. Well, online business may not be that easy, but with the right domain name you are one step away from getting brand loyalty and traffic to your business website.

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