Tips on Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

Choosing a Domain Name that resonates with your target audience is not an easy task. It becomes even harder when you try to put one down in a hurry. It is therefore always better to take time to come up with something smart, creative and captivating. Tips on Choosing The Perfect Domain Name
Always keep in mind that the choice of a domain name has the power to make the user click through or move on to the next one. Here is a guide to get you through the process.


1 Take time with keywords

Make a list of several keywords that are relevant. Kick them around and see what goes well. All the while, you must keep it relevant in comparison to the kind of domain you want to be running. When you have a compact list, try to be creative with the arrangement of letters, including the presence of prefixes and suffixes. Keep it trendy while at it.

2 Choose a name that is easy to remember

You always want users to keep visiting. It is going to be hard for them to come back if they do not even remember the name of your domain. You might have very good content, but users cannot tell their friends about it when they cannot recollect its name themselves. Choose a name that people will associate with, or something that is relative familiar.

3 Unique

There are millions of people already running domains, all with varying degrees of success. You would like to stand out among these people. You will not make it by going for just a name. Make viewers see that you’re different from the rest. Avoid spoofing the names of other domains, as this will only lead to confusion as one mistyped letter could lead your users to a different site.

4  Go for .com domains

This is the most common domain. Most people who surf the internet are not aware that there are other domains. In addition, others are only useful if you are targeting a large-scale internet presence for a sustained period. Assuming that you choose an .org domain while direct rivals have .com domains, then you end up losing traffic to opponents as they strike a chord within the users.

Tips on Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

5  Keep it short

Short domains are easy to remember for obvious reasons. They are also easier for your audience to tell others about by word of mouth. In addition, you will need this domain name to fit and sit comfortably on brochures and business cards. As a rule, people are easily put off by long, fancy words. They are also less likely to take your work serious if you go with overly long names. Others will feel intimidated and this may discourage them from clicking through to you.

6  Make it easy to type into bars

People browsing the internet do not have time to over-indulge. They just want to get in, get what they need and get out. Choose wordings that will not test their patience. When you use letters like C, Q, P and X , People will not have the incentive to type in those letters, as the human mind interprets the design-hence the implementation- of these words as very complex and taxing.

7  Do not infringe on copyright

Some of the domain ideas you have may already belong to someone else. Before using a name, head over to and confirm if the domain name of your choice is available. Copyright infringement has injurious ramifications. Over the internet, it might not take you to court, but it has the potential to affect your credibility among informed users.

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Promise some excitement-and provide it. Make sure once a user hears about your website, they know what it is all about before actually going online. This strategy works especially if you back up our promises with content once the domain is running. Look around at popular domains like WebMD. You will notice that users understand what they are going to get even before they follow through to the home page.

9  Avoid numbers and hyphens

Most people exhibit an aversion to these types of characters, associating them with complex numbers and code crunching. Do not give your audience the idea that what you are about is overly complicated. Most people browsing are either too tired or in too much of a hurry to process some of your lettering.

Tips on Choosing The Perfect Domain Name10  Build everything around your brand

As indicated before, there are many businesses running the same platforms as the one you intend to start. Setting up a domain is your chance to brand yourself in a way that ensures your domain clearly defines your products and services at a glance. People go online to look for something specific, and if you do not give them that, they move right along.

11  Make use of the Ajax Domain provision

Domjax helps you to establish your domain preference if it is available. If it shows up on the database, just check it off on your list and move on to the next possible name you had prepared. If it does not show up, then you are in luck and can go with the first one. Move fast to register the name, as someone else could also be aiming to register it, which would render all your plans fruitless.

12  Exercise caution with trends

The problem with the internet is that trends are not exactly static. Different platforms go by different rules. Things that upset the equilibrium of internet marketing zones happen every single day. You need to be aware that just because a certain trend worked elsewhere, it will not necessarily work for you. Use your gut instinct. Be smart and creative.

Tips on Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

A good domain name could be the difference between clicks and snubs. Always keep your objectives in mind. What is your target demographic? What are their habits, tastes and preferences? What puts them off? A nice way of looking at it would be to put yourself in the shoes of the average internet user. If you were looking for a good domain for authoritative content of a particular nature, where would you go? What would motivate you to go there?

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