New Security Measures by Chrome on Websites Without SSL Encryption

Very soon, websites that do not encrypt their content could face tougher restrictions from Chrome. Google Security Blog has released new information that suggests that it is expected that the upcoming version of Google Chrome will feature a new warning indicator. This indicator is means to give a notice to users logging into the websites that the website is NOT Encrypted.

New Security Measures by Chrome on Websites Without SSL Encryption

Chrome version 56 is set for release in January of next year (2017) and will feature a new window next to the address bar that will serve to notify users of any login webpages that are not secure. Unencrypted HTTP is very risky especially when used on login pages because it makes it possible for fraudsters to intercept communications and gain access to user login details.
New Security Measures by Chrome on Websites Without SSL Encryption
In the post, Google says that it plans on developing a plan that will work to discourage future connection to any unencrypted web pages. This means that all websites that have login pages and also those that do not, will be required to use the more secure HTTPS connection. Failure to do this would result in visitors being discouraged from visiting the website or being encouraged to use incognito mode which offers much more security.

Some of the expected changes to the new chrome include a warning symbol in form of a red triangle that is only used in the current version for websites using HTTPS and are suspect of engaging in some irregular online activities.
New Security Measures by Chrome on Websites Without SSL Encryption
Emily Schechter from Chrome’s security team says that the way websites using HTTP connections are currently labeled as neutral does not show the true risks that internet users are constantly exposed to. For example, hackers can easily spy on your online activities and even modify the contents of your HTTP requests. This weakness needs to be urgently addressed so as to restrain the cases of HTTP injection attacks so rampant in today’s internet world.

A survey carried out in 2015 revealed that almost 33% of requests served in the internet were through HTTP. In the months following the survey, this percentage has gone up.

In addition to this, Google is pushing to have all its products encrypted. Reports now show that more than 75% of requests served by Google employ HTTPS encryption.

Therefore, if you have been putting off getting an SSL certificate for your website, this is the time to get one.

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