GoDaddy Web Hosting and GoDaddy Pro

If you own a company you will most certainly need some type of Internet hosting service that will allow you to make your website accessible on the Internet at any time. Web hosts are usually companies that will provide space on a server which is owned or leased and it can be used by clients, and at the same time it will provide Internet connection, in a given data center.
GoDaddy Web Hosting and GoDaddy Pro
You can have different web hosting services, and choose the one that best suits your needs. And if you are looking for a reliable hosting that will also grow with your business you can use the services of GoDaddy. This web hosting provider is familiar with the fact that different sites will have different needs, and for that reason they are offering three plans so you can choose the best for you.

Select your plan:

– The first plan is Economy, which includes 1 Website with 100 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth and also 100 email addresses. Usually the normal price is $6.99 per month, but if you have godaddy $1 hosting coupon it now only $1.00/month.

– The second plan is Deluxe, and with this plan you can have unlimited websites and unlimited storage on them, and also unlimited bandwidth. You will also have 500 email addresses. The price of this plan is $8.99 per month, but if you have godaddy hosting promo code you can save up to 46% and you can have it for $5.99 per month.

– And the third or the last plan is Ultimate. With this plan you can have unlimited website and unlimited storage on them, and also unlimited bandwidth. You will also have 1000 email addresses and premium DNS and a free SSL certificate for 1 year. The price of this plan is $14.99 per month, but you can save 50% if using this coupon.

You can also choose the length, actually for how long you will need the services of a web hosting, this way you will avoid annual renewals. You can choose to use the services for at least 3 months for $6.99 per month. Then you can choose 12 months for $6.99 per month, and if you have a godaddy hosting coupon you can save up to 28% and you have to pay only $4.99. (get this at here)

Select your operation system & add-on:

Next, You have to choose which operation system you will be using. You can choose from Linux with cPanel control panel and Windows with Plesk control panel.

You will also have to add protection, this way, by securing your site you will protect your customers` data and at the same time you will increase your Google search rankings. You have two choices here. First you can add SiteLock for $1.99 per month, but you need to purchase it for minimum of 12 months with an annual fee of $23.88. This way, you will defend your website from hackers and you will get automatic scans on your website every day which will keep it malware free.

Secondly, you can add Standard SSL Certificate for $69.99 per year. Standard SSL Certificate will protect the sensitive data on your website, all the information that your visitors submit like passwords or credit card numbers. It also uses a 2048-bit encryption which means better protection too.GoDaddy Web Hosting and GoDaddy Pro


What is the GoDaddy Pro ?GoDaddy Web Hosting and GoDaddy Pro

GoDaddy Pro is for designers and developers, because you will definitely need an effortless client management. We will show you some of the benefits if you purchase this service.


GoDaddy Web Hosting and GoDaddy ProThe first one is Client Access Tools. This tool comes with three features: Admin Account Access, Client Product Dashboard and Activity feed. This means, you will never again have to look for a client’s password, but you will have a secure admin access and you can connect automatically to your client’s accounts in no time. You can always see what products your clients have and what they need and you can easily manage it from your dashboard. And the Activity Feed will organize your client’s history in one place.



GoDaddy Web Hosting and GoDaddy ProSite Monitoring is another time consuming feature. Once you set a client website you do not want to waste your time monitoring it all the time. Site Monitoring will keep an eye on site performance so you will always know the client website uptime and site speed, and you will also get alerted if there are some issues that need to be fixed even before your client notices them.



GoDaddy Web Hosting and GoDaddy ProYou can also avoid client product mix-ups, ad at the same time you can avoid payment and billing issues with this Simplified Shopping feature. As a client, you will be send a shopping cart with what you need so there won’t be any mistakes and returns. There are also payment options, which means you can purchase products with your card, you can also use your client`s card on file or your clients can pay for themselves.

If you are a professional in your field that that means that you have higher standards as well. So we will make it easier for you by delivering the best support reps, only dedicate numbers, there won`t be any call queues, or if there are they will be really short. Also there is a live chat and a very quick support ticket resolution.


GoDaddy Web Hosting and GoDaddy Pro

Pros-only Exclusive is also another feature, which means you will get special discounts, also content and access to some special events. There are always big discounts for pros. They always get the lowest price on GoDaddy products, there is always a minimum of 30% off on regular retail. You have the option to choose to keep it for yourself or to give them to someone as a present, it is totally up to you. You will also get exclusive invites to some industry events, which can be a great opportunity if you are just beginning your business, or if you already own an established business, either way this is a great way to meet new clients.

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