ICANN Domain Transfer Policy – 2018’s Updated

ICANN will put a new regulation on transfer which modifies change of domain ownership between two registered people also referred to as registrants on December 1, 2016. The entire duty of implementing the policy will be upon all registrars. You are encouraged by us to study this policy prior in order to be informed of all adjustments being made to it.
ICANN Domain Transfer Policy – 2018's Updated

What does the policy entail?

The policy in discussion which was previously called “Inter-Registrar Transfer policy” up to date only catered for transfer of domains across two registrars (this policy is the one that orders the authorization forms that should be filled by a registered person before any transfer is made). Also, the new policy, deals with the process involved in changing ownership dominion from one registered person to another.

Whenever there is a change in registrant, the policy is then notified and several emails of confirmation and approval are released. The important thing to note is that basic changes to the first or last name of a registrant, email address and organization on a given domain likewise releases confirmation emails and notifications in a similar strength as well.

When will it start working?

December 1, 2016 is the date for the new transfer policy to start being effective and put into practise by all the business personnels.

What will be its impact on business?

When the policy starts functioning, immediately its effect to resellers and consumers will be seen. A summary about it can be given in the following way as provided below:

  • It will not be possible any more to move the domain registrant by using any simple modification request of a domain.
  • All changes to either the first or the last name, email address and organization areas for someone that has any name in the gTLD domain now will have to begin trade process.
  • The process is about getting clear information from both new registrants and current ones as well prior to completion of a change.
  • After completion of a change to a registrant, both the new and old registrants will get a notification confirming the completion of the change.
  • After the process of completing the change of the registrant, by default the domain is locked for the next 60 days for transfers to be made to a new registrar as needed.

What is a change of registrant according to the policy context?

This process is required by the transfer policy in case any change is made to the registrant’s

  • Email address.
  • Organization.
  • First name.
  • Surname.


In case the email of the current registrant is invalid or inaccessible what is done?

In case the confirmation email to the previous or new registrants does not reach them or that the two cannot reach the confirmation email sent, through the Domain Register they may be asked to provide a photo ID as well. For the case of businesses and organizations the Domain Register will ask for a quite formal document that can be provided only by the corporation owners in order to confirm that they genuinely own the domain name as required.

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