Local Database vs. Separate Database: Which One Is The Best For Your Business?

Local Database vs. Separate Database: Which One Is The Best For Your Business?

Generally, when the business owners think about a hosting solution, they mainly operate within the mindset of website hosting. The business owners are mainly concerned about this, when it comes to hosting. Even majority of the people think they put up your website online so that you can blog or sell things or do any type of business online.

But your business specifics and needs can be different. So, you cannot just worry about the website hosting. Large ecommerce sites and large-scale information sites also have to worry about their databases. Any online business that manages and receives a large amount of information must be concerned about processing all through a database. Even some of the businesses are concerned about finding a hosting solution just for their database needs. With the help of a managed VPS, you will be able get a perfect hosting solution to run your business, regardless of what type of business you have

Local database vs. Separate database

As a business owner, you must take database hosting quite as seriously as your website hosting. Just like poor performance of your website can lower your sales and form higher bounce rate, a poorly functional database can be equally disruptive. Being business owner, you will understand that having access to the information is very important. You cannot run a business without customer information database or e-commerce product database.

You may not be running a massive “Big Data” database, but you will still need to managed MySQL (or something similar) powered database. There are certain factors that you must look for your database in a hosting solution. Are you planning to host a website too? Does separating the two is essential? So, read on to know more about hosting solutions for the businesses who also want to keep their database online.

Is it necessary to keep your database local?

Before starting with the details, you should know more about separate database. Having separate database means having different servers for it. But even database can be kept locally, especially because it is believed to be more secured. This is often considered when it is either about regulatory issues or remaining in agreement with HIPAA or PCI.

There are some serious agreement issues. You need a huge amount of expensive resources to be compliant and maintain local database. With the perfect amount of guaranteed uptime, encryption and security measures, it is best handled by the third party. Also, you have to find out a specialized hosting company that can provide you with the best compliant hosting service.

For majority of the business owner, you do not have to worry about the serious agreement or compliance issues. They only need to ensure whether or not their database is online and in reliable hands. Sometimes, local solutions are unreliable and more expensive than having a third party hosting your database.

Local Database vs. Separate Database: Which One Is The Best For Your Business?

Is VPS enough?

VPS is quite powerful enough for most of the businesses with the MySQL database which is either the backbone of ecommerce product sites or powering the WordPress installation. If you are running a huge database with many resources in it, then you will definitely need a dedicated server. Dedicated servers can also be helpful if you are trying to run a website which has large database as well as huge demand on the same hardware. But, when it comes to average, a VPS will be enough to meet all your needs.

The interesting part is that there are many people who feel that it is better to split off your database and website on two separate VPSes. So, here is the pros and cons of this setup, if you are confused about which one to choose.

The Pros of Separate database

Local Database vs. Separate Database: Which One Is The Best For Your Business?The best part of keeping the database and website on two different server is that they will not interfere with each other. This is because the resources required to keep them operating will never interfere with each other. So, when you website requires all the CPU power, broadband as well as storage space to tackle high traffic and complexity, it will be able to get. It doesn’t have to share these with the equally demanding database. Also, there is a security benefit. Even if your website ever gets compromised, your database will remain untouched and safe. Thus, recovery will be comparatively easier.

And The Cons of Separate database

Local Database vs. Separate Database: Which One Is The Best For Your Business?On the other side, the drawback is that you have to pay for two different VPSes. You also have to maintain both and worry about the infrastructure or link between these two servers.

But however, using two different VPSes for website and database makes much more sense. It is also a common practice that many businesses are adopting these days.

Why to choose managed hosting?

You must look for the feature, Managed Hosting. It is a great feature to deal with the databases of your website as it takes some IT worries off your team. Manages Hosting has various benefits and one of the most popular ones is the convenience. With all the worries you have to fulfill the needs of your customers, do you want to monitor the server as well to make sure the database is online? You do not have to worry about this or hire an employee to do that for you either. With the help of Managed Hosting, you will get monitoring all the time, automatic backups, security assistance and complete peace of mind too. You will be sure that your hosting company is looking after your database all the time for you.

Guaranteed uptime & databases

Now, you need the best hosting solution that can keep your database connected all the time and keep your online consistently. So, you must partner with the host that offers the best service along with guaranteed 99.9% uptime. This is essential for your business. It is important to be online as close as possible, regardless if it is your website or business critical database. In downtime, your website cannot be reached and you cannot sell anything. If your website fails to show products and handle the credit cards, money is going out of the door. With a great managed hosting, you can efficiently minimize the downtime. This is because any abnormalities in the system is noticed and monitored closely.

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