StackSocial Store Credit Sale – $50 For $40 | $100 For $80

With this deal, you will have the chance to purchase a $50 store credit of Stacksocial for only $40 in a limited time, save $10 instantly.

StackSocial Store Credit Sale – $50 For $40 | $100 For $80

If you often shop on Stacksocial online supermarket, you know that you can easily use Paypal or Credit Card to pay for your item. Well, might you didn’t realize that StackSocial still has another method of payment that you can choose while checkout – It’s StackSocial Store Credit.

So, What StackSocial Credit Is?

The Stacksocial Credit basically is a balance that you can use at the Stacksocial store. The credit cannot be withdrawn to cash or bank, but you can exchange its worth for something of equal value if you want. For example, if you have $199 credits in balance, you can use it to purchase a Babbel lifetime account on stacksocial without cash.

In order to use StackSocial Credit, let’s log in to your account and tick to Pay with Credits at checkout.

StackSocial Store Credit Sale – $50 For $40 | $100 For $80

How do you have StackSocial Credit?

The easiest and fastest way for you to have an in-store credit at StackSocial is that you can purchase it directly in the stacksocial store. But wait, why don’t I use my cash to buy the item directly rather than the stacksocial store credit? Because you can save money if doing so.

At this time, StackSocial is offering a $50 value in-store credit for $40. That’s a 20% discount and $10 off you can save. Significantly, this credit can be combined with the stacksocial discount coupon, which means you can save even more. Basically, the $50 credit is enough to purchase many lifetime products on stacksocial, such as AdGuard AdBlocker, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, EnPass Password Manager, Koofr Cloud Storage, etc. In case you want an item priced higher than $50, you pay only for the difference.

(*) Terms: 

  • Cannot use existing credits or coupons to pay for this offer
  • Credits do not need to be spent all at one time
  • These credits never expire

Besides, there are some products if you buy, you will get a stacksocial credit back toward the account balance, including:

The ways to earn StackSocial Credit without buying

1. Get $1 back for every $25 you spend

It’s that simple. For every $25 spent in an order, you get $1 in stacksocial credits back towards future purchases. The more you spend, the more you earn.

2. StackSocial Refer-A-Friend Program

In this way, you share your referral link with friends and anyone, and for each friend you invite that makes a purchase, both you and your friend will earn $10.

>>> For more information and terms of these ways, you can log in to your stacksocial account and navigate to Credits at the left menu or click here.

That’s all!

I hope you all enjoy the extra savings with StackSocial Credit.

Good luck 🙂

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