Vultr Offers $150 Free Credit To New Customers

If you want to try a cloud VPS at Vultr, it is the best time for you to get started. Vultr is providing up to $150 Free Credit to new customers and brings you a chance to try its high-performance SSD VPS products completely FREE.

Vultr Offers $150 Free Credit To New Customers

If you did not know, Linode, one of the biggest Vultr competitors in the cloud hosting market, has been acquired by Akamai recently. Beyond sending ‘Congrats to Linode‘, Vultr does not forget to release a new offer that couldn’t be better and provide up to $150 free credit for any new user, including those who want to look for an alternative to Linode.

So, even if you are a Linode user or not, as long as you are new to Vultr, you can take advantage of this Vultr $150 Free Credit offer to try any product on Vultr for free. Similar to the $100 Credit offer, you must have a valid payment method (Paypal or Credit Card) in order to Vultr verify your identity.


That’s not all. Vultr still has a special gift just for the new user who comes with them from Linode. If your monthly Linode bill is over $150 per month, simply contact Vultr, show them that bill, and they will offer you a free month of credit. WooW!

I have no idea how long this offer will last, but it is currently the highest-worth free credit offer you can claim on Vultr. So don’t miss out.

Good luck 🙂

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