Vultr Speed Test – Download Files From All Servers

Link download files from Vultr servers in 32 cities around the world for you to test the download speed from your location.

Vultr Speed Test – Download Files From All Servers

Vultr Speed Test

Test downloads for IPv4 | IPv6

IPv4 - Download Test File
# Location IP4 Looking Glass Download Test File
32 Manchester, UK (newest) 100MB 1GB
31 Tel Aviv, Israel 100MB 1GB
30 Osaka, Japan 100MB 1GB
29 Santiago, Chile 100MB 1GB
28 Johannesburg, South Africa 100MB 1GB
27 Bangalore, India 100MB 1GB
26 Delhi NCR, India 100MB 1GB
25 Mumbai, India 100MB 1GB
24 Honolulu, Hawaii 100MB 1GB
23 Madrid, Spain 100MB 1GB
22 Warsaw, Poland 100MB 1GB
21 São Paulo, Brazil 100MB 1GB
20 Mexico City, Mexico 100MB 1GB
19 Stockholm, Sweden 100MB 1GB
18 Paris, France 100MB 1GB
17 Frankfurt, DE 100MB 1GB
16 London, UK 100MB 1GB
15 Amsterdam, NL 100MB 1GB
14 New York (NJ) 100MB 1GB
13 Toronto, Canada 100MB 1GB
12 Miami, Florida 100MB 1GB
11 Atlanta, Georgia 100MB 1GB
10 Chicago, Illinois 100MB 1GB
9 Singapore 100MB 1GB
8 Dallas, Texas 100MB 1GB
7 Seattle, Washington 100MB 1GB
6 Tokyo, Japan 100MB 1GB
5 Los Angeles, California 100MB 1GB
4 Silicon Valley, California 100MB 1GB
3 Melbourne, Australia 100MB 1GB
2 Sydney, Australia 100MB 1GB
1 Seoul, Korea 100MB 1GB
IPv6 - Download Test File
# Location Looking Glass IP6
32 Manchester, UK (newest) 2a05:f480:3400:2101:5400:4ff:fe6a:dc04
31 Tel Aviv, Israel 2a05:f480:2c00:10f7:5400:4ff:fe68:7f2b
30 Osaka, Japan 2401:c080:3800:2075:5400:4ff:fe48:63c7
29 Santiago, Chile 2001:19f0:c800:2025:5400:4ff:fe46:cf
28 Johannesburg, South Africa 2a05:f480:3000:2069:5400:4ff:fe3a:3ea8
27 Bangalore, India 2401:c080:3000:2048:5400:4ff:fe1d:7185
26 Delhi NCR, India 2401:c080:3400:209c:5400:4ff:fe1f:b29e
25 Mumbai, India 2401:c080:2400:108b:5400:3ff:fef0:2934
24 Honolulu, Hawaii 2001:19f0:c000:c06d:5400:3ff:feea:c1f8
23 Madrid, Spain 2a05:f480:2400:1011:5400:3ff:fec6:217b
22 Warsaw, Poland 2a05:f480:2800:1101:5400:3ff:fecd:a6b7
21 São Paulo, Brazil 2001:19f0:b800:1083:5400:3ff:feb6:aa75
20 Mexico City, Mexico 2001:19f0:b400:101a:5400:3ff:fe99:2eb4
19 Stockholm, Sweden 2a05:f480:2000:10d7:5400:3ff:fe92:aa5
18 Paris, France 2001:19f0:6800:8002::33
17 Frankfurt, DE 2001:19f0:6c00:8002:5400:ff:fe00:536a
16 London, UK 2001:19f0:7400:8001:5054:ff:fe40:9d5f
15 Amsterdam, NL 2001:19f0:5000:8001:5054:ff:fe8a:a295
14 New York (NJ) 2001:19f0:4009:405:5054:ff:fe6f:fa02
13 Toronto, Canada 2001:19f0:b001:11::33
12 Miami, Florida 2001:19f0:9000:8001:5054:ff:fe8f:a86a
11 Atlanta, Georgia 2001:19f0:5400:8001:5054:ff:fe4c:1717
10 Chicago, Illinois 2001:19f0:5c00:8401:5054:ff:fe27:19b9
9 Singapore 2001:19f0:4400:4001:5400:ff:fe32:b7e5
8 Dallas, Texas 2001:19f0:6400:8001:5054:ff:fe48:5e6e
7 Seattle, Washington 2001:19f0:8000:8001:5054:ff:fe2d:aea4
6 Tokyo, Japan 2001:19f0:7000:8002:5054:ff:feb5:68b5
5 Los Angeles, California 2001:19f0:6000:8002:5054:ff:fe73:3600
4 Silicon Valley, California 2001:19f0:ac00:126:5054:ff:fe9f:68ec
3 Melbourne, Australia 2401:c080:2000:1002:5400:3ff:fed8:1603
2 Sydney, Australia 2001:19f0:5800:8062::33
1 Seoul, Korea 2401:c080:1c01::33
Source: Vultr.Com

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