Vultr Speed Test – Download Files From All Servers

Link download files from Vultr servers at 17 cities around the world for you to test the download speed from your location.

Vultr Speed Test - Download Files From All Servers

Vultr Speed Test

Test downloads for IPv4 | IPv6

IPv4 - Download Test File
Location IP4 Looking Glass Download Test File
Paris, France 100MB 1GB
Frankfurt, DE 100MB 1GB
London, UK 100MB 1GB
Amsterdam, NL 100MB 1GB
New York (NJ) 100MB 1GB
Toronto, Canada 100MB 1GB
Miami, Florida 100MB 1GB
Atlanta, Georgia 100MB 1GB
Chicago, Illinois 100MB 1GB
Singapore 100MB 1GB
Dallas, Texas 100MB 1GB
Seattle, Washington 100MB 1GB
Tokyo, Japan 100MB 1GB
Los Angeles, California 100MB 1GB
Silicon Valley, California 100MB 1GB
Sydney, Australia 100MB 1GB
Seoul, Korea 100MB 1GB
IPv6 - Download Test File
Location Looking Glass IP6
Paris, France 2001:19f0:6800:8002::33
Frankfurt, DE 2001:19f0:6c00:8002:5400:ff:fe00:536a
London, UK 2001:19f0:7400:8001:5054:ff:fe40:9d5f
Amsterdam, NL 2001:19f0:5000:8001:5054:ff:fe8a:a295
New York (NJ) 2001:19f0:4009:405:5054:ff:fe6f:fa02
Toronto, Canada 2001:19f0:b001:11::33
Miami, Florida 2001:19f0:9000:8001:5054:ff:fe8f:a86a
Atlanta, Georgia 2001:19f0:5400:8001:5054:ff:fe4c:1717
Chicago, Illinois 2001:19f0:5c00:8401:5054:ff:fe27:19b9
Singapore 2001:19f0:4400:4001:5400:ff:fe32:b7e5
Dallas, Texas 2001:19f0:6400:8001:5054:ff:fe48:5e6e
Seattle, Washington 2001:19f0:8000:8001:5054:ff:fe2d:aea4
Tokyo, Japan 2001:19f0:7000:8002:5054:ff:feb5:68b5
Los Angeles, California 2001:19f0:6000:8002:5054:ff:fe73:3600
Silicon Valley, California 2001:19f0:ac00:126:5054:ff:fe9f:68ec
Sydney, Australia 2001:19f0:5800:8062::33
Seoul, Korea 2401:c080:1c01::33
Source: Vultr.Com

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