Vultr Bare Metal Server: 60% off plus $100 Free Credit!

Vultr just released a special offer for the Bare Metal Simplified™: Save up to 60% off (just 120$/mo) plus $100 Free Credit to all customers.

Vultr Bare Metal Server: 60% off plus $100 Free Credit!

Vultr’s Bare Metal Simplified™ using the latest Intel CPUs, 100% SSD storage and up to 10GbE network connection that gives you control 100% power of server hardwares. You’ll have fully Root Administrator access and easy to deploy many OS combinations you want.

Currently, Vultr’s Bare Metal Simplified™ just have a $300/mo plan for choosing, includes:

  • 2x240GB SSD disk space
  • 8 CPU @ 3.8Ghz – Intel E3-1270v6 processor
  • 32GB ram
  • 5000 GB Bandwidth
  • 10GbE Ethernet.
  • Available in 7 geographic regions (Chicago, New Jersey, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Miami, Amsterdam, Singapore)
  • Hourly payment accepted.

Vultr Bare Metal Discount

Get DealUp to 60% off (just $120/mo) plus $100 free credit.
  • Paypal & Credit Cards are accepted.
  • The $100 promotional credit applies only to bare metal servers.
  • The $100 free credit will be expired on 30 days after account activation.
  • The $100 free credit can not used for VC2 or any other Vultr services.

How Deploy Vultr Bare Metal Servers


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