Vultr Snapshot Costs $0.05/GB/Mo From October 2021

Do you use the Snapshot feature on Vultr to backup your server every day? If yes, you should know that from 1st October 2021, Vultr will begin charging for Snapshot storage, which applies to all old and new snapshot images generated on your account.

Vultr Snapshot Costs $0.05/GB/Mo From October 2021

To explain this change, Vultr says that because snapshot storage is free of charge, most users tend to leave old and unused snapshots in their accounts indefinitely. With hundreds of thousands of customers and millions of cloud instances deployed, the rapidly-growing number of old and unused snapshot images is expensive to provide. The company wants to give customers more capacity in more locations globally than spend money storing old snapshots.

So, from 1st October, Vultr decides to charge $0.05/GB cost per month for Snapshot storage, which is less than Linode Backups ($0.08/Gb/mo) and equals DigitalOcean Snapshot ($0.05/Gb/month for Droplets).

Generally, your monthly invoice will only increase by 1% or 2% than usual. Personally, I think these increased costs can still be acceptable, especially compared to the benefits you will receive from the Vultr Snapshot feature.

Otherwise, if you want, you can easily completely eliminate your snapshot costs by deleting old snapshots from your account. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the customer portal.
  2. Click Products, then Snapshots.
  3. Take note of the size and date of your snapshots to identify which ones to delete.
  4. Click the Remove Snapshot (trashcan) icon.
  5. A confirmation pop-up appears. Click the Remove Snapshot button.

In other news, Vultr announced that the $100 Free Credit offer would end at the end of this September. So, you would only have a few days left to claim it before too late.

Take care!

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