Vultr SSD VPS – Affordable Cloud Hosting Review is still a relatively new company having been in operation for less than 5 years. Despite this, it has rapidly grown to become one of the best VPS hosting providers in the market, rivaling big names like DigitalOcean. It offers KVM cloud instances that use SSD storage meaning you get cloud features. After launching, Vultr only offered a handful features but has expanded their feature set to include quick deployment, many server locations, ipv6, private networks, startup scripts, SSH keys, and more.If you are looking into getting VPS hosting for your blog or business website, Vultr is one company that you should seriously consider. But do not take our word to be the gospel truth, take time to read through this Vultr review and make a decision after you are done.

Vultr Logo

Vultr SSD VPS – Affordable Cloud Hosting Review

  • Website:
  • Founded: by David Aninowsky in 2014 (as a child company of Choopa, LLC).
  • Add: 14 Cliffwood Ave, Ste 300, Matawan, NJ, 07747, United States.
  • Customers: 100k+
  • Instances Deployed: 3.0m+

Plans and Pricing

There are 8 plans to choose from depending on your needs. They range from quite affordable plans best for bloggers and startups to plans suited for large corporations that carry out a lot of online transactions. All plans are billed per hour so you only pay for resources you use.

Vultr SSD VPS – Affordable Cloud Hosting Review

Plan 1 (15GB SSD):
This is the smallest package available for $5/mo (or $0.007/hr). It offers only 1 CPU, 768MB RAM, 15GB SSD storage space, and 1000GB bandwidth. It is best suited for bloggers and hobbyists.
Plan 2 (20GB SSD):
This plan offers 1 CPU, 1GB (1024MB) RAM, 20GB SSD storage space, and 2000GB bandwidth for $10 a month (or $0.015/hr). It is best for small businesses that do not have a lot of online activity.
Plan 3 (45GB SSD):
Small and medium sized businesses that own websites with lots of traffic are better served with this plan. It offers 2GB (2048MB) RAM and 2 CPUs that make the server capable of handling huge traffic. You also get 45GB SSD storage space and 3000GB bandwidth for a monthly cost of $20 or hourly cost of $0.030.
Plan 4 (90GB SSD):
This plan is best for medium sized companies that have lots of online activity. It offers 90GB SSD storage, 4 CPUs, 4GB (4096MB) RAM, and 4000GB bandwidth for $40/month or $0.060/hour.
Plan 5 (150GB SSD):
This plan gives you 6 CPUs and 8GB (8192MB) RAM for a very fast server performance. You also get 150GB SSD storage space and 5000GB bandwidth.
Plan 6 (300GB SSD):
This plan gives you 16GB (16385MB) RAM, 8 CPUs, 300GB SSD storage space, and 6000GB bandwidth at a monthly cost of $160 or hourly rate of $0.238.
Plan 7 (600GB SSD):
Large businesses and corporations that carry out huge online transactions and have several online systems will benefit most from this plan. It offers 16CPUs, 32GB (32768MB) RAM, and 600GB storage space for blazing fast performance. It also has a 10,000GB bandwidth cap. The plan costs $320/month or 0.476/hour.
Plan 8 (700GB SSD):
This is the ultimate VPS solution for big businesses. 24CPUs and 64GB (65536MB) RAM handles any processing task quite simply. You also get 700GB SSD storage space and 15,000GB bandwidth at a cost of $640/month or $0.952/hour.


Vultr SSD VPS – Affordable Cloud Hosting Review

Vultr offers a set of features that make it one of the best VPS hosting provider in the market. The salient features include:

1. 100% SSD Storage
You have the option of choosing between two server types that are on offer with Vultr: Performance and Large storage. The performance server type uses 100% SSD storage meaning you get really fast access times. This means better user experience for your customers because response rates will be quite high. The large storage server type however uses SATA storage.

2. Fast Servers
Apart from using SSD storage to increase server performance, Vultr guarantees 3+ GHz processors on all their plans except their storage plans. You therefore get fast CPU power on all servers irrespective of their location. This coupled with the SSD storage gives you speeds that range from 3mbps to 460mbps.

3. Large RAM
When compared to their rivals, Vultr offers bigger RAM which translates to better performance for your websites. For instance, while DigitalOcean’s smallest plan gives you 512MB RAM, Vultr’s smallest plan gives you 768MBs of RAM. Your server is therefore going to perform better than most competitors.

4. User Friendly UI
One of the greatest features about Vultr is its user friendly interface. It places all tools you may need at arm’s length. No digging to find a feature you want to use. You can deploy servers in seconds and install and uninstall scripts at the click of a button.

5. Competitive Prices
Starting at $5 a month (or $0.007/hr), Vultr’s prices are the best in the market. It means that even hobbyists and small businesses can benefit from the powerful features that are in offer.

6. 14 different server locations
Vultr boasts the largest worldwide network meaning you can enjoy fast connection speeds and low latency infrastructure wherever you are. The company has servers located in 14 locations in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, and Japan. Additionally, all the servers and data centers are based on KVM. If you want to know the speed of any Vultr server on around the world, please go to vultr speed test page to test download the Vultr files from your location.

Vultr SSD VPS – Affordable Cloud Hosting Review

7. One-click install apps: Gives you easy way to install most of favorite apps for any webmaster, such as Cpanel, WordPress, Drupal, Lamp….. with just one click.

8. Upload ISO file: Upload custom ISOs to your server, allows you to mount your image from Vultr instances and run through the boot & setup process as you would on a baremetal server and with direct console access available in the customer portal, you can customize your install even when network connectivity on the instance is not available. Create unlimited operating system combinations in any of Vultr 14 worldwide locations!

Vultr Benchmarks

Vultr Is Up To 4x Faster, Give your hosting infrastructure a speed boost with our 100% Intel and 100% SSD cloud platform.

Vultr mid range plans against a comparable match on other clouds:

Vultr SSD VPS – Affordable Cloud Hosting Review

Vultr low end plans against a comparable match on other clouds:

Vultr SSD VPS – Affordable Cloud Hosting Review

Pros and Cons Below are the pros and cons of the Vultr SSD VPS hosting


Vultr SSD VPS – Affordable Cloud Hosting Review

  • Affordable pricing: Vultr offers very affordable prices that mean many people can afford to host their websites on a VPS server and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Additionally, with hourly rates that start at $0.007 per hour, it is possible to deploy a VPS for several hours and then destroy it after you are done. Moreover, Vultr often running monthly promotions for new customers get free credit to try their services, for this month you can get up to free of $50 in account credit by using vultr coupon when you add funds to your account.
  • 100% KVM based plans: All plans are based on KVM which means you do not need to worry about overselling. You actually get the performance you are paying for.
  • Fast internet connections: All nodes on Vultr’s network are connected by 10gbps connections. This means that you get blazingly fast connection speed no matter your location. You can therefore relax and forget about website speeds.
  • User friendly control panel: While Vultr only offers unmanaged VPS hosting, their control panel makes up for this by being very user friendly. you have many 1-click install apps at your disposal that go a long way in helping you get started in no time – even without command line knowledge.
  • Wide choice of OS: Vultr offers several operating systems to choose from. You can choose to use Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Windows, or even upload your own.


Vultr SSD VPS – Affordable Cloud Hosting Review

  • Self-managed servers: Vultr does not offer managed VPS hosting. You therefore have to do all the technical stuff on your own meaning you must have enough technical know-how to manage a server.
  • Many potential charges: Vultr’s servers only come with PureOS. You may therefore need to install several other add-on applications at additional cost. This can escalate the amount you get charged very fast.


Vultr SSD VPS – Affordable Cloud Hosting ReviewIf you need a VPS host that offers rapid deployment to lots of locations and hourly billing, Vultr is the best solution for you. They have many features that serve newbies and experienced web managers alike. They have a really good network and fast servers with high uptime guarantee.

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