Vultr Launched The $3.5 Plan – 1 CPU/20GB SSD

The $3.5 new plan comes with with parameters are quite good: 1 CPU / 20GB SSD / 512MB Memory / 500GB Bandwidth, it’s also supports hourly-billing and customers can comfortably register it in all data locations.

Vultr Launched The $3.5 Plan – 1 CPU/20GB SSD

Overall, this new package has the same configuration as the $2.5 package, the only difference is that the new plan now supporting IP4 (the $2.5 plan has IP6 only).

  • 20GB SSD
  • 1 CPU
  • 512MB Memory
  • 500GB Bandwidth

In the future, I guess that the $ 2.5 plan will be removed because it’s not practical, IP6 is currently not popular so users are not very interested, not many sites are located on IP6 at the present time.

$3.5 Plan Network Test:


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Enjoy 🙂

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