Vultr Launches High Frequency Compute Service – 3+ GHz with NVMe Storage

If you're using VPS Server at Vultr, I thought you had seen the new interface of Vultr since mid-June, it's looking very friendly and professional, right?

Vultr Launches High Frequency Compute Service - 3+ GHz with NVMe Storage

However, the new interface is not the only change of Vultr. If you pay a little attention, besides SSD Cloud Instances, Vultr has launched a new more product: High-Frequency Compute. So, what it is?

According to a post in Vultr blog:

We are also excited to share the latest product in our cloud lineup – high frequency compute! Powered by 3+ GHz processors and blazing fast NVME storage, this newest plan is the highest performance hardware architecture Vultr has ever offered. High Frequency compute powers the most demanding workloads with storage and processing benchmarks that exceed standard compute by up to 40%!

So that means, the new product High-Frequency Compute will give you much higher CPU speed, and much 40% faster load speeds than regular Compute Instance.

Vultr High CPU Compute instance pricing is a little higher, but you will get more SSD storage than Compute Instance. The cheapest plan starts from $6/mo with 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 32 GB SSD, and 1 TB bandwidth. The highest plan is $256/m with 768 GB of SSD storage, 12 CPU, 48 GB of RAM and 8 TB bandwidth.

Compare two products pricing:

High Frequency ComputeCompute Instances
CPURAMSSD StorageBandwidthGeekbench ScorePrice
1 CPU1 GB32 GB1 TB6017$6/mo
1 CPU2 GB64 GB2 TB6029$12/mo
2 CPU4 GB128 GB3 TB11149$24/mo
3 CPU8 GB256 GB4 TB15390$48/mo
4 CPU16 GB384 GB5 TB18901$96/mo
8 CPU32 GB512 GB6 TB23405$192/mo
12 CPU64 GB768 GB8 TB25198$256/mo
CPURAMSSD StorageBandwidthGeekbench ScorePrice
1 CPU512 Mb10 GB0.5 TBn/a$2.5/mo
1 CPU512 Mb10 GB0.5 TBn/a$3.5/mo
1 CPU1 GB25 GB1 TB2413$5/mo
1 CPU2 GB55 GB2 TB3880$10/mo
2 CPU4 GB80 GB3 TB7435$20/mo
4 CPU8 GB160 GB4 TB13831$40/mo
6 CPU16 GB320 GB5 TB19389$80/mo
8 CPU32 GB640 GB6 TB21217$160/mo
16 CPU64 GB1280 GB10 TB29329$320/mo
24 CPU94 GB1600 GB15 TB41675$640/mo

In the instance of the Compute Instances $10 and the High-Frequency $12 plans both have 1 CPU Core and 2GB RAM that VPSbenchmarks have tested, let see the benchmark result:

Vultr Launches High Frequency Compute Service - 3+ GHz with NVMe Storage

As you see, the High-Frequency plan has more performance scores higher than VC2 instance with the same number of core and memory. You can also check the benchmarks of High Frequency Compute Instances from Vultr.

Vultr Launches High Frequency Compute Service - 3+ GHz with NVMe Storage

The High-Frequency Compute instance is now available to deploy in all 16 data locations worldwide of Vultr. If you want to switch your server to one of High-Frequency Compute plans, let use the Snapshot feature to create a copy of your entire server and then deploy it on the new server.

Try Vultr High-Frequency Compute Instance with $20 Credits

(Expires In 60 Days)

Summary, with an excellent reading/writing speed of NVME drive, high-speed CPU and affordable price, this new product of Vultr is especially fitting for your most demanding applications/websites.

If all Vultr High-Frequency Compute plans stay the current performance, they look like a severe competition to DigitalOcean and Linode.

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