Vultr Object Storage Is Now Available – Starting at $5/mo.

Vultr has just announced that the Object Storage is now available to deploy on their server. It is compatible with most tools designed for Amazon S3, affordable, scalable, easy to integrate into your existing solutions.

Vultr Object Storage Is Now Available – Starting at $5/mo.

Vultr Object Storage is a highly scalable solution for storing large quantities of files, eliminating the need to manage your own custom infrastructure. Our architecture was designed from the ground up to provide high redundancy and data durability, and backed by blazing fast NVMe caching to make sure you have the best storage performance. In addition, Object Storage is S3 compatible, allowing you to integrate with existing tools and SDKs. Vultr's Official Blog

Vultr Object Storage is priced starting at $5/mo with 250 GB storage and 1000 GB outbound bandwidth, and the highest plan is $110/mo with up to 1000 GB of storage and 10000 GB of bandwidth. Additional storage and bandwidth will be charged for $0.02/GB and $0.01/GB respectively.

With an initial release, Vultr Object Storage is only available to use in the US-East (NJ) data region; EU, APAC, US-West to follow. And in the near future, Vultr will bring this feature to all of their data locations.

>>> See Vultr’ Object Storage Plans & Pricing

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In addition, Vultr also provides Object Storage documentation and some usage examples to help their customers get detail on how this feature works, how can you use object storage, and more.

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