Which one is better: Online Website Builder or Web Hosting?

Have you ever noticed that there are countless numbers of online website creators/builders? This is because there are software that makes it very easy for you to create a website. You don’t need to have any knowledge in coding. Unlike some years back where you were required to have basics in coding.

Nowadays people build websites using a web building software. Of course these software are great; the only shortcoming is that when you use them, you’re be tied to those companies that created them. This is not good because the software may not have all the necessary features required in modern websites and to client’s preference. In this article, we will compare web builders and web hosting so that you can make up your mind and make a sound decision on what exactly is good for you.

What’s Web Hosting?

Which one is better: Online Website Builder or Web Hosting?

Whether you utilize a site contractor or another program to build your website, you’ll also need web hosting. Web hosting is something which gives the server which your website and everything its content is stored. Without it, your site will never be accessible on the internet. The net host you utilize is in charge of ensuring the server your website is managed on is maintained and maintained. Quite simply, they’ll ensure that the server retains your website which important software had a need to run the server is kept up to date and appropriately configured.

When you decide to use a site contractor, although you get a fairly easy way to make a website, you could be compelled to utilize the hosting services of the web site builder company. That’s where many companies end up jogging into problems.

Web Hosting versus Online Website Builder

Which one is better: Online Website Builder or Web Hosting?

1. Areas of Expertise

The very first thing to understand is the fact that online website constructor services specialize in creating software to make websites. Web hosts, on the other palm, are experts in hosting. So, when you will discover it simple and fast to really get your website, once it’s up, you might not exactly obtain the same quality of hosting you’ll from a hosting company.

If something will go incorrect with your website, a good hosting company provides 24/7, 365 days and nights each year, expert tech support team. Should this happen with a site builder company, know-how on the technological side of operating a site might be missing, it could even be contracted out to an authorized.

2. Prospect of Growth

Most companies start their websites using what’s known as shared environment, where tons of small websites are managed together using one large server. That is why most website contractor companies offer only shared environment. For web hosts, however, shared environment is the standard form of hosting they provide.

Once your website will take off as well as your business expands, you might desire a great and superior form of hosting such as VPS, dedicated machines or cloud hosting which enable you to perform much bigger websites, deal with a lot more traffic and perform a lot more functions. Some companies use these to perform almost all their software, not simply their websites.

When your site expands and you will need VPS, dedicated server or cloud hosting, you might have no choice but to migrate your site to a normal web host. This is often a complicated activity at the best of that time period, however, if the web site you have created has been built using bespoke software only available from your website contractor service, it’s improbable that it could be reinforced by another coordinator. In which particular case, you will need to create a new website from nothing.

If you are using traditional hosting, moving from sponsor to number or in one kind of hosting to some other is much less complicated. An excellent host will migrate your site for you – something an internet website constructor service may well not contain the in-house skills to do.

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3. Obtaining the right kind of hosting

Whenever choosing a hosting service, there are a variety of basic things you’ll need:

  • Enough storage and processing capacity to make sure your website can perform all its functions.
  • Enough server space for storage to host your entire website data files and content.
  • Enough every month bandwidth (the quantity of data your site can receive and send) to provide all the site visitors it could get.

When you check out website contractor hosting, you might find these things are limited or are just offered by the right levels in more costly, premium accounts.
And they are only the essential things. There is a lot more to consider. In the event that you run an web store, for example, you will need an SSL license to make your site safe enough to adopt online obligations. Some website constructor companies may not provide that operation or, if indeed they do, they could not supply the support to help you maintain its implementation. You will also want to consider site security, backups, email accounts, additional websites, website management, and a bunch of other activities which come under the bracket of hosting not website creation. Be sure any online website contractor provides support for these prior to making a choice.

4. Compare pricing differences

When you compare similar degrees of service with a hosting company, you might find that a site constructor service is somewhat more expensive. Among the known reasons for this is a hosting company will be which consists of own data centres to web host your website; an internet builder service could possibly be web host your website on somebody else’s servers. You will be charged them more to get this done.

Also, they are aware that whenever you compare prices, your concentration will be on website constructor operation, not on hosting. You might only check out other website contractors. However, when comparing similar hosting plans of a hosting company and an internet website contractor service, the distinctions can be extensive.

5. Avoid service limitations

If you opt to go with a web website constructor service, check the constraints of your consideration carefully. Some basic accounts, for example, imply that your site will bring adverts for the service or have even their name contained in your website – which can make your site look less professional.

Some accounts limit the amount of products you could have in your web store or the amount of pages you could have on your website. A whole lot worse, some website contractor accounts will in actuality charge you a share of every deal you make from your website in addition to your regular monthly hosting fees. None of the limitations happen with traditional web hosting.

6. Is a online website builder the simplest way to create a website?

Website contractors do provide a fairly easy way to create a website, nevertheless, they are not the one easy way. CMS software, such as WordPress, isn’t just very user-friendly but has a lot more features. WordPress, for example, is totally absolve to use, works on any Linux hosting bundle, can be installed in a single click from your website admin dashboard (or even come preinstalled with some accounts) and doesn’t require any coding skills what so ever before.

What’s more, you will discover WordPress has a lot more free designs and plugins available than any website contractor, helping you to create any sort of website with no need for extra spending or accounts upgrading. Since it power more websites than other on earth, 28% of these, additionally there is a massive amount of free online support open to help you defeat any difficulty you might face.

So, if simple building a site is the thing forcing you to definitely choose a site contractor over traditional web hosting, have a look at WordPress first.


Website contractors offer users with little if any experience an extremely easy way to generate small-scale websites. However, using a site builder can connect a person to hosting services which are very basic, offer limited opportunity for progress and can be high priced in comparison with standard shared environment packages. Easy options for website creation, such as WordPress, give users a very good wider selection of web host options and make it easier for changing whenever your website grows.

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