GoDaddy Bulk Registration Review

When registering a domain name with GoDaddy, it is usually much more efficient to register multiple domains. This is because it is usually quite troublesome and also more expensive to register one domain at a time.
The bulk registration service, however, has got you covered. The main purpose of this service is to make registration of domains simple. Consequently, you are guaranteed to save lots of money when you do multiple domain registrations. For instance, if you register more than six domains, you can save up to 31%. Read on to find out more about how this service works.

GoDaddy Bulk Registration Review

The bulk domain search tool works by giving you a platform that you can use to do several searches at a go. All you are required to do is enter the desired list of domains leaving spaces between the names and then click search. This will give you availability status of the domains you want to buy. You can even use domain extensions to narrow down your search. This simplified process will not only ensure that you can reduce the time taken to register your domains by half, but you also secure your domain names much faster.

Save more with Bulk Registration

GoDaddy’s bulk pricing feature is designed for users making bulk domain name purchases, renewals and transfers. These users are entitled to discounts that are based on the amount of money they are spending on the services. The higher the number of domain names registered, the lower the rates become. Registering 56 domain names means you will only pay $8.99 per domain while registering more than 100 domains will cost $8.29 each. This is by far the lowest rate you may ever have to pay for the service from any other provider. To compare your purchases and find out how much discount you are entitled to, check out the bulk price list.

GoDaddy Bulk Registration Review

GoDaddy’s Bulk Registration price

Domain name renewal prices are important as far as bulk registration is concerned. This service makes the otherwise pricey process of renewing domain names quite affordable. The only downside of this is that when you opt to use bulk domain registration service for domain renewals, you need to have quite a number of domains that need to be renewed. However, when you do, the rates you get are the best in the market. We therefore strongly advise anyone with more than 20 domains registered with GoDaddy to join the GoDaddy Discount Domain Club.
One of the greatest aspects of GoDaddy as a domain name service provider is its flexibility in serving every need of its clients. This is so because even when you do not have multiple domains to renew, you can still use GoDaddy renewal code that will still get you a better deal.

GoDaddy Bulk Registration Review

Some Notes from GoDaddy:
  • Plus ICANN fee of $0.18 per domain name per year.
  • Domains with bulk pricing do not qualify for additional promotional discounts.
  • Free GoDaddy Photo Album service is ad-supported. Free InstantPage®/Hosting with Website Builder and GoDaddy Photo Album are not included with .XXX domain registrations. All comparison prices are accurate as of 11/5/2012 and are subject to change without notice.
  • .CA domain names will be registered through GoDaddy Domains Canada, Inc., a CIRA certified registrar.
  • Special savings apply only to first year of registration. You must purchase entire section to qualify for special savings.
  • .CO.UK, .ORG.UK, .ME.UK, .EU, .ES, .SE, .COM.AU, .NET.AU and .ORG.AU domains not included.
  • Discount based on current retail value.
  • Buy a new .COM or .CO, get one new .INFO for FREE for 1st year only. Not valid on renewals or transfers. Plus ICANN fee of $0.18 per domain name per year.
  •,, and domain names can only be registred for 2 years.
  • Products will automatically renew until cancelled. You may turn off the auto-renewal feature by visiting your GoDaddy account.

Why you should opt for bulk domain registration

This question has two simple answers:
1. Registering multiple domain names will definitely cost you less, and you will end up making huge savings
2. Since you can register several domains at a go, you also save valuable time

The sole purpose of GoDaddy designing the bulk registration service is to cater for people who need several domains registered or renewed all at once. What is more, the service works with all domain extensions. This means that you are covered irrespective of what domain name or extension you want to use.

This is however not the end of the pros of this service. With the service, it is also possible to combine existing domain names with additional popular extensions like .com, .org, .net, and .biz.

The bulk registration additionally makes the process of entering owner details quite simple. Conventionally, you would be required to search for a domain name to ensure its availability, register it, and then enter the ownership information. This process would then be repeated until all domain names are registered. GoDaddy bulk registration enables you to enter this information only once and at the same time, gives you an enormous discount for all your registered domain names and extensions.

There is therefore absolutely no need for you to delay joining the bandwagon. Many users are already enjoying this service, and you need to be counted among them. Do not lose out. If still in doubt, you can get more information from GoDaddy’s table.

GoDaddy Bulk Registration Review

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