GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart – Building Your Online Store

GoDaddy has discontinued its Quick Shopping Cart product and has replaced it with Online Store service, a much better product. Check out my full review on GoDaddy Online Store.

Shopping carts have been very instrumental in the building of online stores. Every modern business that has internet operations is well aware of the importance of having their own online store. This allows customers to directly search and buy products from a nicely organized store where all the offers are available. The GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart E-commerce software enables businesses to quickly build an attractive functional store full with payment and shipping plans. There are many advantages of this software that comes with various features to help easy development and customization of the online store.

GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart – Building Your Online Store


Here is a detailed review of the GoDaddy quick shopping cart including its features, benefits and concerns.
Features and functionality
Building an online store for your business is a very genius idea and opens up the opportunity to effectively manage orders and deliveries. The GoDaddy quick shopping cart has many features structured to enable immediate launching and use. It provides 800 templates that can be used to create 1500 different design combinations which you will ultimately relish. You can include the business’s logo and other additional images. This software also allows one to integrate the store with an existing website instead of creating anew one although that is an unrestricted option. The website store is automatically converted to suite mobile access and all the products also get automatic submission to Google searches. Integrations are the major feature of GoDaddy quick shopping cart. It works perfectly with QuickBooks as well as payment gateways such as PayPal, VeloCT, Merchant Services and The managing features allow one to see new orders and inventory, search, filter and export the orders, receive email notifications and track inventory. This ecommerce software also comes with comprehensive security that features a free SSL certificate to allow secure processing of credit cards and other payment procedures. They provide free hosting with level-1 PCI certification for the protection of the web store and content backup. It also allows IP country matching to prevent any form of background fraud. The reporting is equally excellent and enables assessing of the stores financial health. GoDaddy quick shopping cart allows one to generate sales, shipments, keywords and storefront reports among many others. These reports can be filtered by specifying data ranges depending on the browser (desktop or mobile). Besides an elaborate FAQs section that answers most of the question, you will also be able to access live technical support at any time of the day.

Benefits and concerns

GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart – Building Your Online Store
There are many advantage of using the GoDaddy quick shopping cart to build your online store. It has plenty features that come with an initial low price. You can integrate the software with your website and start selling right away. The numerous templates will ensure you find a design combination that suites your business. The customers can buy eriacta and pay using various methods including credit cards and eChecks which make it very convenient for ecommerce. There are also options for shipping to over 100 countries including US, Canada and Mexico. You can attract new customers through product rating and reviews, search-friendly visibility URLs and social media shares like Facebook and Tweeter. EBay listing, Google integration and Bing ad credits are also available to further increase your site’s exposure. The 24/7 support will ease any technical issues during your building and management process. They even provide a page help tab that provides assistance for simple tasks such as adding a product. This tab is designed to provide mini-menus with tips, steps and other details that will help you quickly build the store. At only $9.99 per month (now you can save 50% off with the GoDaddy Coupon), GoDaddy quick shopping cart is the cheapest ecommerce software presently available in the market. Other products of the same kind are as high as $59 per month although that also raises concerns regarding this software.

GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart – Building Your Online Store

As much as GoDaddy quick shopping cart is cheap and has sufficient standard ecommerce capabilities, it is not the best. Other software products have much more features and integration capabilities. Other concerns include the unavailability of free trial, limitation of images on products and extra fees for some of its functionalities.

GoDaddy quick shopping cart is a suitable tool that will help you to quickly build a business online store without any hustle. The initial price is very affordable and it provides all the needed features to build, run, manage and track an online store. It is suitable for small and medium businesses as well as those who want to gain experience in ecommerce.

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