Managed WordPress Hosting: Advantages & Disadvantages

If you have ever been in search of a web hosting solution for your WordPress website, I bet that you have come across the terms “Managed WordPress” and “Dedicated WordPress Hosting” a number of times. Managed WordPress Hosting is quite a new service in the market when you compare it with the traditional Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. The introduction of this service can be attributed to the tremendous growth WordPress has received in recent times. WordPress has become the leading CMS platform for website creation on the internet.
However, some people may not understand what the term Managed WordPress Hosting means. This post is meant to help such people understand the meaning of this term, and also help clear any doubts that you may have concerning Managed WordPress Hosting. You can view this article as an introduction to managed WordPress hosting, the features that set it apart from other services, its pros and cons, and more. First, let us begin by understanding What Managed WordPress Hosting means.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Advantages & Disadvantages

What you need to know about Managed WordPress Hosting

We will make the assumption that you are already familiar to WordPress. Managed WordPress hosting therefore, entails optimizing web servers so that they can run WordPress as efficiently as possible. While technical know-how or using WordPress is very low, an amazing level of performance and productivity can be achieved by using optimized servers. This is the basis principle behind managed WordPress hosting.
This means that if you host your WordPress powered website on a server that is optimized for WordPress, you will have no worries about technical issues regarding your xanax website and will therefore have a smooth experience.
Let us now see how a managed WordPress hosting environment is different from a shared hosting environment.

Difference of a Managed WordPress Hosting environment
Like mentioned earlier, managed WordPress hosting is different from traditional hosting services is a number of ways. The most notable are:
  • In a managed WordPress hosting environment, you get a VPS or Dedicated Server that is already optimized to run WordPress.
  • Your web host provider manages or takes care of the technical aspects which include software updates and security measures in place.

This means that in a managed WordPress hosting environment, you do not think of any technical aspect of your blogging experience.

Advantages of managed WordPress hosting

From a practical point of view, these are the advantages of using a managed WordPress hosting environment to host your xanax website.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Advantages & Disadvantages

1. You get premium support
A managed WordPress hosting service gets you the best customer support from the hosting provider. This is great for having issues fixed and also just reaffirming some doubts that you could harbor. Additionally, the support staff could be of great help in advising you on the best plugins to use, and other important tips.

2. Faster website performance
Since the servers that host your xanax website are optimized for WordPress, you will have the best page load times and response when using your xanax website. Even when your xanax website is handling huge amounts of traffic, you will still rest easy because the server is capable of handling the extra load.

3. Automated WordPress updates
With a managed WordPress hosting package, your hosting provider will take care of the updating process for you. Whenever a new WordPress or plugin update is released, the team will ensure that your xanax website is updated and that everything is running smoothly.

4. Automated backups
The importance of backing up your xanax website can not be overstated – no matter the amount of precautions taken to safeguard it. A managed WordPress hosting package will come with this handy feature and you will be safe with the knowledge that all your sites files and data are safe in another part of the internet.

5. Top-notch security
The security offered in a managed WordPress hosting environment is much more better than other hosting solutions. This however does not mean that your xanax website cant be broken into. But when this happens, you are sure that your web host provider will move in swiftly to manage the situation and restore your xanax website to optimum working conditions in no time.

Disadvantages of a Managed WordPress Hosting environment

While the advantages of managed WordPress hosting are quite impressive, there are some disadvantages that are important to know before you make a purchase.Managed WordPress Hosting: Advantages & Disadvantages

1. It is expensive
When compared to alternatives like shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting is more expensive. But it is a fact that quality products generally cost more. However, compared to buying a VPS and then setting up your xanax website environment, managed WordPress hosting definitely is the cheaper alternative.

2. There are limitations
Many times, managed WordPress hosting has limitations. For instance, since you give management control to your host provider’s team, you will have limited control over the technical side of things. But if your biggest concern in performance and not the technical aspects, then this is a wonderful bargain.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Advantages & Disadvantages

When is Managed WordPress Hosting necessary ?

This is the million dollar question. When and why is it necessary to move to a managed WordPress hosting environment?
Well, a managed WordPress hosting environment would be great for:

  • Websites that are growing at a very fast rate
  • Websites that have had a recent spike in amount of traffic
  • Businesses that cannot afford to be offline
  • Website owners who prefer a great support team that will respond fast to enquiries
  • Businesses or websites that plan to grow and want a platform that will grow with them.
  • People or businesses that have limited technical know-how and want their websites to work without problems.

Finally, Who Managed WordPress Hosting is for

While there could be some exceptions, here is an example all the same. Let us assume that you have a website running on WordPress but the shared web hosting service you are using is not sufficient to exploit its full potential, or you need a better server that will come with the high levels of traffic that you are receiving. Such a scenario would call for a managed WordPress hosting package. Managed WordPress hosting is obviously better than buying a VPS server and then setting up the website by yourself.
Additionally, if you own a website running on WordPress that is resource intensive but you are not familiar with the technical aspects of managing a WordPress installation, then managed WordPress hosting is a good alternative.
Hopefully, you now understand enough about managed WordPress hosting and also the products that you need to choose.

Recommend Managed WordPress Hosting

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Managed WordPress Hosting: Advantages & Disadvantages

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Managed WordPress Hosting: Advantages & Disadvantages

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Managed WordPress Hosting: Advantages & Disadvantages

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Managed WordPress Hosting: Advantages & Disadvantages

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Managed WordPress Hosting: Advantages & Disadvantages

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