The Four Main Categories of Domainers

The buying and selling of domains have recently become a big business, there are many names that are bought and sold per annum, this has led to a great number of domainers in the market. In spite of their numerous numbers, these domainers fall into one of these categories: Freshmen, Hustlers, Builders, and Aristocrats.

  • Freshmen domainers consist of those people who have bought and hold a large number of domain names but are yet to consistently turn them into annual profits.
  • Hustler domainers refer to those people who are always working and consistently making significant annual profits.
  • Builders refer to those people who buy domain names with the intention of developing them more.
  • Aristocrat refers to the gurus of the domain industry, they are making a lot of profit. They registered their domains in the mid- 1990s when registration was first free.

Which type of domainer are you?

The Four Main Categories of Domainers

The Freshman
The Four Main Categories of DomainersThese domain investors usually seem to be thriving in the domain name industry but this is not the case, they invest their money purchasing domain names without getting significant returns. In spite of having a good number of domain names in their holdings, they are likely not able to continuously cover the cost of maintaining their portfolio. However, once they learn how to discern good domain names from others and develop strategies of generating revenues, they will advance to Hustlers or Builders.

Domainers who are typical of the Freshman type:

  • These investors are usually the beginners, they go into the industry knowing you can make money through dealing in domain names but they have not developed the strategies of generating revenues in the industry.
  • They are the most active during discussion forums and boards, they give ideas, ask a lot of questions and answer most of the questions. They are usually after creating an image of authority.
  • These investors purchase and hold a great deal of domain names with no defined objective of what to do with them. They have a misconception that the more domain names you hold the more successful you will be.
  • These investors are possessed with following trends, hoping to get the next great deal. They are quick to purchase any other speculated domain names hoping to be their winning lottery.
  • These are investors who spend a good amount of money to purchase any other speculated domain names only to find themselves in debt. They spend on million dollar domain names, it is usually more than their annual returns. They end up lacking money to maintain their domain names.
  • They have a habit of relying on holding strategy to add value to their domain names despite the downward trend in holding revenue over past few years.
The Hustlers
The Four Main Categories of DomainersThey are continuously working and making profits. They concentrate on rolling up domain names, they believe that even in the web-based industry of domain relationship and connections are important. Hustlers are always trying to create a good rapport with the right people who will eventually contribute to their success.

Domainers who are typical of the Hustler type:

  • These investors can be beginners or not, they buy domain names when at a low price and sell them when at a high price to ensure they generate significant profits.
  • They flip domains for a living and they don’t waste their time chasing trends and fads.
  • Often, they are website brokers and they are good at bargaining when it comes to web transaction they are involved in.
  • They purchase and sell domain names throughout the season. They are here to stay.
  • They concentrate more on domain names that give them significant return other than those that generate numerous returns.
  • They start investing in domain industry as a side work, once they become masters and generate good profits, they quit their main job and focus on domain names completely.
The Builders
The Four Main Categories of DomainersThese investors purchase specific domain names with the intention of developing them into services, products, brands, e-commerce site and then on selling them viagra for profits. Builders usually have defined ideas and objectives in their mind when purchasing a domain name. Their major plan when developing domain names is to first generate profits.

Domainers who are typical of the Builder type:

  • They will buy certain domain names with future objectives to build value to their online investments.
  • They usually avail domain names as a method to display portfolios, sell a product or service and provide information.
  • They don’t purchase domain names out of speculation because they focus more on generating profits. Therefore, they are very keen when choosing domain names to buy.
  • They are aware that the targeted traffic can be obtained by being top three on search engine result page of online directories.
  • They consider domain as a long-term investment, they withhold their investment not trying to cash them when on demand like the Hustlers.
The Aristocrats
The Four Main Categories of DomainersThese investors are the pioneers of domain name industry. Aristocrat predicted when they first registered when it was still free. Currently, it is $100 to register for 2 years. They concentrated on single word domain, these domain names now are costly to purchase as they are easy to remember.

Domainers who are typical of the Aristocrats type:

  • They predicted long ago that domain names are like real estate, there’s only so much oceanfront investment that everyone desire to own.
  • They are great risk takers, they bought domain names even before they gained any value and paid a fee of $100. To many people, it was not a prudent move at that time.
  • They made significant profits from the single word, general domain names without tossing and putting effort to develop them. Single word domains are known to attract more traffic.
  • They have numerous domain names in their portfolios, it is their custom to sell a small number of their high-quality domain names at 5, 6 or 7 figures.
  • They are considered as the gurus of the domain industry and are highly respected.
  • They have high self-esteem proportionate to their domain names holdings.

Where do you fall as a domainer?

The Four Main Categories of DomainersAfter the discussion above of all the four categories of the domainers, now you are aware of the characteristics you own. You can now tell: What type of domainer are you? Do you fall in more than one category? What type of domainer do you want to be?

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