Things you need to know about Hyphenated Domain Names

Having a perfect domain name is the best thing you can do especially if you’re running an online business. A perfect domain name must contain keywords that can easily be identified by search engines for the purpose of ranking. It should not have trademark issues and should be memorable.


Things you need to know about Hyphenated Domain Names


If you’re trying to register a domain name and it appears to be taken, you need to put a hyphen in it. Of course such a domain name isn’t taken but should you just go ahead and invest in such a domain? We will look at what webmasters consider on hyphenated domain names.

First and foremost, webmaster will think about their visitors. Most website owners aren’t accustomed to using such names. If you find out that they like a website, it is simply because they may have forgot to include a hyphen. In such a situation, the unhyphenated version is what receives traffic. This actually not what the webmasters want. If your domain name is not hyphenated such an issue will never occur.

If your hyphenated domain name has a rich keyword, this means it stand a higher chance of getting a good search engine ranking. Higher Google Ranking may outweigh shortcomings/drawback of how inconvenient a domain name is. This is simply because if your site has a high Google ranking, your visitors will not be required to type in the name of the domain for them to access it. They simply need to click on lists offered in search engine results. If your visitors like the site, they will go ahead and bookmark it. This shows that your visitors are interested in what your site has to offer.

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It is also the responsibility of webmasters to find out if your domain name is understandable when a hyphen is used. If your domain name cannot be understood, your website cannot thrive.

For example, would you understand the info or keyword in the following domain: In the real sense, this website talks about mole nurseries not molestation but it will be very difficult for visitors to know that. If you include a hyphen in this case, your website will be meaningful and look much better. Including a hyphen is such a case will be even better for Search Engine Optimization as search engine would show

Of course there are advantages and drawbacks of using hyphenated domain names. If you think that a hyphenated domain will benefit your online business by driving a lot of traffic, you need to consider using it. You can look at the services you’re offering and determine what is best for your business. If you have a long domain name and you’d like it to be more meaningful, you need to consider using hyphenated domain names. If your visitors cannot easily understand your domain, they will just leave your page and search other websites.

Bottom Line

Having a hyphenated domain name is the last thing webmaster should do. It is always good to create a non-hyphenated domain name. If webmaster have difficulties in generating a non-hyphenated domain name, they can use domain name generator.

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