Where to Find the Best Trending Ideas for Domain Names

When it comes to buying and selling of domain names, it is easy to believe that all the good domain names were sold on the 1990’s and all that is now left is a handful of good ones. This is however very far from the truth. A case in point is the domain name bitcoin.com, or pokemongo.com that were created recently to match the trends and whose ideas did not even exist in the 1990’s.

Keeping up with the trends is the only trick you need to get great domain names. This means that you need to be on the loop about what people are talking about every day so as to anticipate where a business opportunity may come from.

Some things you need to constantly ask yourself are, are there any entertainment trends coming up? Or is any new technology in line of release?

Doing this will help you match relevant keywords with some popular phrases and slang that people use to come up with great domain name ideas that would resell very fast in the near future.

Where to Find New Trending Keywords

Where to Find the Best Trending Ideas for Domain Names

1. Social Media
More often than not, catchy buzzwords first appear on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, and instagram. These can give very good domain name ideas.

2. Online Forums
Normally, new technologies and news features are usually released on mainstream media after doing quite a number of rounds on online forums.

3. Keep track of naming patterns
Paying keen attention to domain naming patterns currently in use is a good way of getting suggestions for domains that would sell well in the future.
For example, the word “go” has been gaining popularity in the past several months. Creating a domain name with that name could help you find an interested buyer quite fast. An example of this is the term “wallet” that was common a few years ago. Because of this, the domain name bitcoinwallet.com sold for more than $250,000.

4. Trade Publications
Online sites and industry-specific magazines usually use some words or phrases long before the mainstream media start using them.

5. Academic Journals
Another way of finding out about promising technologies and researches that could become huge in the near future is skimming through academic journals and university materials

6. Google Trends
This is an invaluable tool for showing you some of the most popular words and phrases that people are searching for online. This information can help you spot possible domain names that could sell high in the future.
For example, in 2011, someone noticed that the term coupon had the potential to sell in the future and registered it long before it attracted any attention.


Where to Find the Best Trending Ideas for Domain Names

Buying Desired Domains

After you have identified a word or phrase that has the potential to sell in the future, the next step is registering it. You should first use registrars like GoDaddy, Domain.com, NameCheap, and NameSilo to search for availability.
If it is available, you can go ahead and register the domain with all popular domain name extensions like .com, .net, .org, .biz, and more. You can even widen your scope by registering using the new domain extensions like .design, .club, or .online.
Finally, NameCheap, GoDaddy, NameSilo and Domain.com all offer huge selections of domain names to choose from. You can also use the search boxes to search for your desired domain.

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