Domain Names Investment & Why Should buy from GoDaddy

Investing in a domain name is so much similar to financial investments. It, therefore, means that choosing a top level domain (TLD) as a URL is so much like choosing a valuable item on the stock market. Domain name stakeholders and people with experience in the field will attest to the fact that there is no easy way of being successful in buying or selling domains for profit.

The fact that there is no universally agreed direction for selecting a successful domain name or top level domain makes investing in this industry quite a challenge. This is however not to say that it is impossible to improve chances of success. What you need to be successful is to operate with an understanding of the market and the work that comes with the process of developing a successful URL.

Tips for Investing in Domain Names

Know your Market

Domain Names Investment & Why Should buy from GoDaddy

Knowing the importance of a domain name and the different ways it can affect your goals and tolerance to risk is very important. When thinking of the top-level domain, it is possible to make some analysis of possible value and risk you could encounter. Top level domains with the .com extension usually have higher returns and exceptional performance in the market. They, therefore, carry a lesser risk for a person who wants to invest in domain names.
To explain this, let us take a case of Sedo. It refers to its domain markets as being the most active in the industry. Its statistics indicates that more than half of URL sales are for domain names with the .com extension. The average selling price of these domains is also 60% above the next top level domain that follows. When combined with the dependability and stability of .com domain names, this data undoubtedly proves the value, as well as the significance of reputable top level domains with the .com extension.

Understand the work involved

Domain Names Investment & Why Should buy from GoDaddyRegistering a domain name is only a tip of the iceberg when you are looking at investing in domain names. A lot of extra effort is required to develop a sustainable and valuable domain name. This means that you will be required to understand how traffic and search engine rankings can affect your business. Generally, the value of a domain comes from directing traffic to it. When you develop a website, the TLD you pick will increase or lower traffic to your website. It should come as no surprise when you learn that some tools are biased towards established TLDs like .com. Even though the latest gTLDs may be viewed as new opportunities, it is quite challenging to direct traffic to a website with TLD in low numbers. Therefore, more established TLD like .com and .net usually appear more trustworthy and familiar to users. They are therefore bound to receive higher traffic and also search ranking on search engines, and so give you increased value.

What About The Latest gTLDs?
While investors have much to say concerning the new opportunity that is the latest gTLDs, when we seriously consider the resale value, the universal agreement is that .com is still the most dependable option. This is irrespective of whatever preference one may have to the new gTLDs. Customer reaction to the latest gTLD and their demand are good signs of positive ROI. However, investors and website owners will always prefer domain names that visitors will trust and feel more secure to visit.

Domain Names Investment & Why Should buy from GoDaddy
In 2014, an industry survey revealed that 40% of the respondents were not acquainted with the new gTLDs. They were even unaware that they were available. But this can be attributed to the fact that predilections are not yet in place. However, the quick introduction of the hundreds of new gTLDs will surely cause confusion for even the experienced users, and even more, for this who are not tech savvy. The same survey also revealed that contrary to the 52% from the previous year, 75% of marketers in the United States shared the opinion that the internet would be a very confusing place for users thanks to the new gTLDs.

When it comes to domain name investing, you need to know you stuff inside out since just like in investments, investing in domain names does not have surety.
The golden rule, however, is to be informed and follow the latest trends in the domain world. You will be able to make quality investments that are in line with your goals if you always remain abreast with the latest and game-changing topics.

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Why You Should Buy a Domain From Godaddy

You have finally decided to get your dream domain name. So why choose GoDaddy as your preferred Domain Buy Service provider?

1 Experience

With well over 12 million customers, GoDaddy has carved out a niche for themselves as trustworthy and efficient service providers and have consequently gained immense popularity among their clients.

2 World’s Largest Registrar

GoDaddy prides itself on being among the most trustworthy domain service providers. You most certainly want a domain name that will serve your site long enough and accurately enough which leaves you with no choice but to rely on the number one world’s most efficient registrar. In this way, your site will be worlds apart from all other similar sites and in no time you will have curved a niche for yourself that many may not match up to.

3 Favorable cost

If you were to do a comparative study, you would automatically come to the realization that GoDaddy has the best rates for service. And while they remain to be affordable to each and every one of their customers, they have not in any way compromised on quality, reliability and efficiency. Their cheap domain registrars, such as .Com only 99 cent, will ensure that you get the very best domain name for your site in a timely fashion. They will take you through the steps of acquisition of your dream domain name step by step while maintaining excellent communication to keep you updated on their progress each step of the way.

4 Huge selection

GoDaddy offers various services and packages that give users a lot to choose from. You will absolutely love their plans and general way of doing things that will not only leave you satisfied but also willing to grow and expand your business to tremendous levels with them.

5 24-hour service

Many of us will agree that a 24-hour online service comes in handy when you are in a hurry or experiencing a burst of ideas which you cannot postpone. Regardless the time at which you need to access GoDaddy’s excellent services, you can rely fully on their professional team to assist you in your every need. Not only do they offer a 24hour service, but also offer services 7 days a week. This way you are guaranteed to receive all the assistance you need with minimum inconveniences and save on time that would be wasted in waiting to access an online service only on weekdays.

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6 Professional help

GoDaddy has over the years established a solid customer relationship with their customers. This is attributed to their timely responses and efficient service delivery. Unlike most Domain Buy Services where one can get delayed due to unforeseen setbacks, at GoDaddy, you are guaranteed to get timely yet efficient service which extremely beneficial as pertains your convenience. It also goes a long way to building the brand name for GoDaddy.

So what exactly do you get by subscribing to GoDaddy services? For starters, you get are able to do a simple domain setup that does not require any technical skills. You also get the privilege of accessing simple tools with which you can forward your domains to any existing website of your choice. This is an easy yet extremely essential way to customize your website and, therefore, gain the much needed online presence that will move you a step further ahead from your competitors. There are plenty of suitable domains to choose from. Ah, don’t forget use godaddy coupon codes to get discounts when you buy anythings at GoDaddy.

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