Domain Name LifeCycle And How to buy Inexpensive Domain

It is important for anyone interested in buying a domain name to learn about domain name lifecycle first. Herein is a look at what happens between registration and deletion process of a domain name. Lifecycle of a domain name start by registration. By understanding this lifecycle you will be able to secure your investment and escape the hassle of your domain name from expiring.

Domain names are registered for a fixed period which usually runs from one to ten years, afterwards they usually expire. Sometimes people usually misunderstand this and thing that they can buy these domain names and own them forever. Domain investors can only lease these domain names for a fixed period as registered, after this it will be available for other people to register. Domain speculator can also renew the period.

Lifecycle of a Domain Name

Domain Name LifeCycle And How to buy Inexpensive Domain

Stage 1 – Available Domain Names

This is the first phase of domain where it is available to the public for registration for period not exceeding a maximum term of 10 years. A user can extend this period by renewing if interested. In this phase, you can looking cheap domain registrar before buying any domain names, GoDaddy is one of them with only 99 cent a new domain.

Stage 2 – Registered period

Once you have registered for your desired domain name by paying, it becomes active. It will remain so for 60 days, after this period you may transfer to another user if you want. The domain will remain yours for the period subscribed for. Once the lease period has elapsed, a user is free to renew as he or she wish. It is important to keep tabs the information you use to register your domain, as the registrar will send you a renewal notification a month before expiration date. This is important as it secures your domain name interest, safeguarding your ownership by making sure you renew on time.

Stage 3 – Expiration period

In the case of expiration, a domain name is given a grace period of 24 hours, thereafter it is deactivated. The registrar will hold down your domain meaning your email and website address won’t be working as much as it will be there. A user cannot manage expired domain names thus he or she cannot transfer it to another user.

A domain can stay expired up to a maximum of 45 days depending with registrar’s policies as others goes up to 40 days.

Stage 4 – Redemption/Grace period.

Redemption period usually last for 30 days, during this period the original owner can reclaim the ownership. However, this process is very expensive. During this time the domain name is inactive as most registrars will delete relevant information, contacts and names linked to your registered domain name. The best method of getting your domain back in the case you find yourself in this situation is waiting for the registry to drop the domain and start over, as reclaiming can cost you a dime.

Stage 5 – Awaiting deletion period

Once the domain was not reclaimed in the redemption period it goes into awaiting deletion period automatically which lasts up to 5 days. After these 5 days the domain is deleted and will be available to the public for registration. Unfortunately, during this period one can neither reclaim ownership nor do anything to prevent deletion. In the case that the user wants the domain, he or she will wait for the registry to drop it and register afresh. However, this is risky as the domain name can be grabbed by another person before you.

Lessons from the Domain lifecycle

It is important for users to keep tabs on the contact information they registered their domain names with. This will enable you to renew your domain on time to avoid the hassle of losing your domain. It also ensures you don’t lose a lot of money and time trying to recover your domain. If your domain names registered at GoDaddy, let subscription to our godaddy renewal coupon page, that page will help you save huge cost when you want renew anything at GoDaddy.

3 Methods of Buying an Inexpensive Domain Name

Domain Name LifeCycle And How to buy Inexpensive Domain

Below are both important factors and steps to consider while buying an available domain and negotiating for an occupied one

Things to consider when buying an inexpensive domain

Consider Price and Value

A good domain name should be simple, distinctive, accessible and easy to remember. The price of a domain name depends on the following factors:

  • The number of traffic it attracts
  • The number of words it contains. A one word domain name will definitely be costlier as it is easy to remember.
  • Ease of spelling.
  • The length of the domain name.
Consider going through an ICANN-accredited Domain Name Registrar
Going through ICCAN-accredited checks is an expensive process that covers a wide area. It helps you in knowing whether the company is loyal.
Ensure you can control all aspects of your domain name
A lot of registrar companies don’t give you the power to change the domain name on your own. It is unrealistic to request through customer service for simple things such as IPS modification and changing of name servers, you should be able to do this through control panel other than waiting for days. It is important to make sure you are given control panel and check if it can allow you to do the simple changes.
Ensure you can control all aspects of your domain name
There are many registration and hosting firms that charges you a transfer fee every time you change your host. A user should not be charged for his or her domain name, as this is unnecessary.
Find out whether you obtained any email accounts
Most of web hosting firms charge for an email or they don’t add the email to your domain. It is important to make sure you get at least15-20 POP3 email account included with the domain without charges.
Verify whether you can use SMTP servers for outgoing emails
A good number of registration companies do not allow use of SMTP servers for the outgoing emails. They usually assume that you can send it via the internet service providers. An effectual lot of ISP’s and broadband companies will only allow you to use the SMTP servers on the branded accounts. This means that when you use own email accounts, you will not able to send mail through SMTP servers.
Ensure you always have the control over your domain name
A large number of businesses are hosting their websites with a web host they are not satisfied with because they provide them substandard services, surprise invoices, unreliable uptime among other issues which clients are faced with. These customers need to stand on their feet and find a web host provider they are happy with. Moving your entire domain is an absolute admin worry, select wisely from the start to make sure you are not among those many customers.
Don’t register your domain in someone’s else name
Your kid cousin or your web master can be a technology guru more than you. Registering a domain under their name can make you lose it over night.

Buy domain name that is available

Survey on some companies before deciding which one. There are some factors which you need to look at such as price, amount of control, level of customer service ease of use and other important things they may have for you. These factors vary from company to company.

Carry out checks to determine whether your preferred domain name has been taken or not. Don’t ignore anything as sometimes sites might be undergoing repairs and this can produce false results. The registrar company will give you the opportunity to do a database search to verify whether your name is taken or not.

The user will pay the buying fee to keep and get the domain. This buying fee is for a fixed period, it is necessary to pay renewal charges on time to avoid losing the domain. You will also incur the setup charges.

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Negotiate for an occupied domain name

It is important for someone to first find who owns the domain, to know whether it’s owned by an established site.

Before even looking for the price of the domain, email the owner to find out whether the domain is for sale or not.

Negotiate with the owner for the price. Sometimes the owner might mention to you unreasonable charges, it is important to talk to him or skillfully to make sure the owner takes you seriously. If the owner asks you to mention your price, suggest a price 20 to 30 percent of your price to leave room for negotiation. In the case the owner suggests for price less than what you expected just accept it.

Take caution while communicating with the owner, as informal agreement to buy the domain can be used against you in the court. Ensure you are completely certain before making the deal of buying the domain. If the terms are pleasing you can go ahead and buy the domain.

If the owner accepts the amount, the email becomes an execution contract.

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