GoDaddy: 10 Things You Need to Know

GoDaddy is listed as the world’s largest hosting and domain name provider. It is, therefore, worth looking into if you plan to buy a domain name or SSL certificate for your website.GoDaddy: 10 Things You Need to Know
Cost effective domains, server and a very efficient support team that is prompt to respond to client needs are just some of the things that make GoDaddy a favorite for so many people. I however, understand that many of you are new to this field or have just had no previous interaction with GoDaddy or its products and services. I will, therefore, enlighten you on 10 things about this hosting provider that you need to know.

99 cents will get you a domain!

– If you have a coupon, you can purchase a .com domain name for only 99 cents at GoDaddy.

Renew Domain or Hosting with GoDaddy

– GoDaddy provides both manual or automatic renewal methods for your domain or hosting. Services you have subscribed to will automatically renew using payment methods linked to them in the automatic renewal mode. No discounts are awarded in this method. However, with manual renewal, you do the renewal process yourself and can use your preferred payment method. You can also redeem discount coupons with this method. you can use godaddy renewal coupon for renew your products at GoDaddy anytime that you want.

SSL Certificates

– You can buy SSL certificates from GoDaddy. A Secure Sockets Layer certificate guarantees that a customer’s information remains secure when they use it on the internet by encrypting it before it is transmitted from the client’s computer to the web server. Such information includes name, passwords, credit card details and more.

GoDaddy Discount Domain Club

– This is a premium service available for people who have several domains registered with GoDaddy. When you join the Discount Domain Club (DDC), you get the lowest prices when renewing products and services that you have registered irrespective of whether you use automatic of manual renewal methods. You do not need promotional codes to get these low prices. You also get a membership to Domain Auctions and CashParkingPremium as extra features.

Free Domain name with web hosting at $1

– This is just one of the many promotions that GoDaddy runs from time to time. You can win yourself this promotion if you happen to be the first person to set up your website. You can get web hosting and a free domain name for only $12 a year.

Effective help center and supportive staff

– As we stated previously, GoDaddy is popular for the quick, timely and helpful responses and resources from their support team. This is what makes it the number one choice for very many people. The support team is available 24/7 and offers real-time help to their clients through chat and phone. There are also product help articles that you can refer to for directions.

Website Builder

– This is a very resourceful tool for people and companies wanting to build their own websites, but do not have the time needed to do all the work that goes into setting up a fully featured website. GoDaddy website builder enables you to easily link to social feeds on Facebook and Twitter using its Social Manager feature. You also get SEO optimization that gets you listed on all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

Private Domain Registration

– Normally, when you register a domain name, this entry together with your personal information is entered into the WHOIS public directory. Hackers use this information for their malicious intentions. GoDaddy provides its clients with a service that replaces their personal information with the information of a forwarding service. Depending on your needs and the nature of your website, you can choose between Privacy Protection (for individuals) and Privacy & Business Protection (for businesses). Read short review about GoDaddy Private Domain Registration.

Domain Auctions

– This is a public bidding feature for domain names offered by GoDaddy. It gives buyers a platform where they can bid for domain names that are not available for normal registration. Domain registrars also use this platform to buy domains at cheap costs and then sell them at the auction.

10 Bulk Domain search

– This is a service that enables you to search for several domain names at once. It supports up to 500 domain name searches in one go. You also get to pick your preferred domain extensions. If you register 6 or more domain names, you are awarded a 31% discount on the registrations. For the best prices and discounts, you can have a look at GoDaddy’s discount domain club (DDC) and the monthly fee.

GoDaddy: 10 Things You Need to Know
There are many more interesting aspects about GoDaddy that we have not mentioned here. This article only covers 10 of the most notable things that relate to domains and coupons available at GoDaddy. There are, however, numerous promotions and cost saving tips that can go a long way in getting you a very desirable purchase at GoDaddy.

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