GoDaddy Reviews 2022 – Everything You Need to Know

Within 22 years, GoDaddy has become one of the most popular hosting companies on the Internet. The company is located in Arizona. According to reports, GoDaddy manages more than 84 million domains. It is worth mentioning that the company’s services are not just limited to domain registration. The company even offers web hosting and eCommerce services. GoDaddy has, in fact, been ranked as the world’s largest ICANN-accredited registrar serving more than 21 million customers and more than 9000 employees.

GoDaddy Overview

GoDaddy Inc.

  • Website:
  • Founded: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States.
  • Founder(s): Bob Parsons.
  • Current CEO: Blake Irving.
  • Industry: Domain Registrar, Web hosting, SSL certificates, Small Businesses
  • Employees: More than 9000 employees.
  • Customers: Over 21+ million.
  • Domains Management: 84 million domains


GoDaddy Reviews 2022 – Everything You Need to Know

GoDaddy Logo

How did Go Daddy get its name ?
Go Daddy was founded in 1997 as Jomax Technologies by Bob Parsons, a former US Marine. He had previously sold his financial software services company, Parsons Technology, Inc., to Intuit in the mid-nineties for millions of dollars and took very early retirement. The company Jomax changed its name to Go Daddy in 1999 when a group of employees brainstormed on a more memorable name than Jomax Technologies. Someone said, “How about Big Daddy?” A quick check revealed that the Internet domain of that name was taken. Then Parsons said, “How about Go Daddy?” The name was available, so he bought it. Executive Chairman and Founder Bob Parsons stated the company stuck with the name because it made people smile and remember it. (Wikipedia)

Listen to CEO Blake Irving talking about the Values of GoDaddy.

Honors & Awards

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Products & Services GoDaddy Offered

GoDaddy offers its customers a wide range of products and services, the most popular of these being web hosting and domain registration.

Domain Services

GoDaddy Reviews 2022 – Everything You Need to Know

List of Domain Services:

Some of the Domain services offered by GoDaddy are Domain name registrations, Domain transfers, bulk domain registrations as well as Domain buy services, among many others.

The right Domain name is a necessity in ensuring you are running a successful business across the globe. A memorable web address comes in handy in enabling visitors to trace their way back to the same site.

Look no further than the world’s largest registrar for just the right domain name that has got a secure home online. Over time, many people have gained trust with this registrar as their preferred domain provider, as seen from their clientele of over 14 million users. There are many options to choose from, ranging from the more recognizable .co to newer domains such as .vip, .cloud, .store, and .family. Even more exciting is the possibility for inclusion of more options such as .web, .shop, .blog and .app in the near future. Needless to say, this will definitely give customers more variety. Upon registration, you get a simple domain set up with absolutely no technical skills needed and guaranteed real-time monitoring, which is essential in ensuring you’re up and running.

GoDaddy also offers quick and easy tools to hasten the process of forwarding domains to any existing websites. To customize their sites, customers can also enjoy the luxury of up to 100 subdomains and professional email aliases, for example, [email protected]. Users can also control their online identity with a personal domain and further enjoy free forwarding to Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts. There is also an expert support team available 24 hours 7 days a week, who are trained to help customers through any challenges they might have.

One never has to worry about the possibility of losing their domain names to hackers and spammers. Adding the Privacy Protection option, which is a unique feature of GoDaddy, facilitates the replacement of the customer’s personal details with GoDaddy’s partner company’s Domain’s by Proxy. This way, no one other than the registrar can access sensitive customer details such as phone numbers and email addresses. Privacy Protection also allows customers to control all their domains and receive emails specifically to them. This is in addition to selling, transfer, and renewal rights.

Put Business Protection to ensure the safety of your most important domain names for a period of not less than 12 months. Besides keeping your personal details well hidden from crooks, Business Protection also blocks malicious domain transfers and publishes an online business card that makes it all the more convenient for partners to find you.
A Certified Domain seal displayed on your website will guarantee safety to all visitors to your website which proves that you have successfully gone through GoDaddy’s validation process and that you own the domain legally.

Website Services

GoDaddy Reviews 2022 – Everything You Need to Know

For most people, a website is the first stop in their search for goods and services. It is, however, a sad reality that most business owners are not able to afford to hire people who can help them create their websites. However, the good news is that GoDaddy offers a simple site builder with hundreds of customizable designs that customers can use for a whole month! Even more intriguing is that no technical skills are required, enabling customers to design their websites in time for shoppers to find them.
GoDaddy also integrates both social and business apps to your site to help users conveniently interact with customers and share information. The Social Media Manager matches your Twitter and Facebook feeds to your website so that they are consistently in sync. The Business Plus plan has an added advantage of a built-in Search Engine Optimization tool which enables your business to be easily seen by online visitors.
The advantages that come with acquiring an Online Store are immense. For starters, you can make your store unique and specific to your products with the hundreds of customizable themes available. It is simple to set up, and design since GoDaddy’s development team will have taken care of the technical bits for you. A built-in payment processing tool automatically transfers money obtained from your sales to your bank account, and with the expert support team, you are guaranteed assistance for any hitches that may come up.
As for WordPress Hosting, users are guaranteed an easy time managing small personal blogs as well as commercial sites. All WordPress Hosting plans include a free domain with an annual plan, free daily backups, access to thousands of themes, and free 24/7 support, among many other features. With GoDaddy Managed WordPress, one can enjoy an industry-leading performance and automatic setup. Your site’s search Engine Optimization basics are also taken care of, leaving you to focus more on building awe-inspiring sites.

Web Hosting Services

GoDaddy Reviews 2022 – Everything You Need to Know

Web hosting is a service where a customer’s site is assigned a unique DNS and stored on one of the hosting service provider’s servers from where people can visit the site. Purchasing a web hosting package from GoDaddy means that a customer is purchasing space for their website, which comes with many other added benefits. Some of these include database storage, setup for registered domains, installation of over 125 free applications, 24/7 security monitoring, and provision of an easy-to-use control panel.
There are a variety of hosting plans from which customers can choose from ranging from WordPress hosting to Premium DNS, Web hosting, and Dedicated IP, each specifically suited for the customer’s needs. Also notable is that each Linux plan includes Cage FS, cPanel, Resources on-demand, free applications, and CloudLinux. Cage FS is a virtualized file system that protects your content 24/7. CPanel facilitates access to hosting features and settings needed. Resources on-demand means that users have more RAM, CPU, I/O, and EntryProcesses at the ready when they need them.
One can also prevent future data loss with the Site Backup and Restore optional paid service, which saves all your website files to the cloud daily. Restoring data is one click away, which gets you back to work in no time. Security is guaranteed thanks to GoDaddy’s security team, which monitors all sites and ensures that any suspicious activity is thwarted before any significant damage is realized.

Website Security

GoDaddy Reviews 2022 – Everything You Need to Know

GoDaddy has several website protection options, including SSL certificates, Code signing certificates, and Malware removal. The company holds customer safety with high regard for the obvious reason that it is a way to keep them coming back. There are more than enough website protection plans to choose from, including 24/7 security support, boosted Google search ranking, compatibility with major browsers, protection for unlimited servers, 30-day money-back guarantee, among many others.
An SSL certificate provides a secure channel through which credit card numbers, usernames, and passwords can pass safely. It increases customer confidence and protects their sensitive information by encrypting it once they’ve put it down and decrypting it once it has reached the appropriate recipient. GoDaddy boasts the use of the strongest encryption available, the SHA-2 2048-bit encryption, which has placed them above many in the industry.
For as low as $1.49 customers can also get SiteLock Malware Scanner for their websites which automatically scans their sites on a daily basis and identifies security gaps long before they are exploited. All SiteLock plans have spam blacklist monitoring, security alerts, search engine blacklist monitoring a SiteLock Trust Seal and unlimited expert support, just to mention but a few. The SiteLock Trust Seal is especially important in reassuring Site visitors of the safety of your site as a good percentage of them will look for such proof before submitting any personal data. With a secure find, fix and prevent plan, customers not only improve their security but also in a big way their sales. While the SiteLock plan informs customers of malware threats via e-mail, the Professional plan automatically removes the malware. The Premium plan is even more superior since besides finding and removing malware, it goes ahead to scan for known website vulnerabilities daily.
Code signing can be described as a digital signature placed on software and other executable files and scripts to verify the legitimacy of downloadable content. Improved software security goes a long way to boosting user confidence. GoDaddy’s code signing shows users that a code is trustworthy and eliminates Unidentified Publisher warnings. It can also work with a variety of files and languages such as HTML, Java, Microsoft Office, and many others that can support digital signatures. Time stamps are also evidence that code owners have successfully completed the verification process. Any independent programmer understands the need to protect their reputation and would therefore not leave their codes unprotected.

Email & Office Services

GoDaddy Reviews 2022 – Everything You Need to Know

Get a professional e-mail that matches your domain and grants you access to contact, email, and calendar anywhere you may be and on any device. You also get to enjoy world-class security and spam filtering, an outlook web application and guaranteed 99.9% uptime. In addition to that is sufficient storage for contacts, calendars, and emails which means that one doesn’t have to delete data to create room for more.
For as long as you keep your plan, you will never have to pay for another upgrade since Microsoft office upgrades are absolutely free. You can keep your files safe with 1 TB of secure online storage, and data loss will be a thing of the past.

GoDaddy Customer Reviews

Rated 5.0 stars with 2229 reviews, Excellent 9.3 (from 0 – 10) on Trustpilot. (all reviews)

Abhishek Pandey:
Staff very helpful throughout .
I’ve always found GoDaddy easy to use and easy to work with as a company, and I’ve never had any problems that weren’t promptly addressed and resolved. That’s why I return to them as a repeat customer for my website needs. I recommend them without reservation.
Felony Flavors:
Everything made easy. Awesome customer service and support whenever a problem or issue arises
Stephen Leather:
Great company, great products, reasonable prices and superb customer service. I’ve been with them a while now and had zero issues with email or websites. I would recommend them to anyone.
GoDaddy Reviews 2022 – Everything You Need to Know
Lisa Williams:
Cusomer Support is the Best!!!! Although its rare to have issues with GoDaddy, I have never had a problem with my account that customer support wasn’t able to fix. They always find a solution, no matter how large or small the problem. I will be a loyal customer for life.
Many can attest to having received a fair price for services offered. In fact, most customers rank GoDaddy as one of the best yet cheap internet service providers, which is a big plus, especially for small startups. It’s also comparatively easy to get help for challenges encountered, thanks to the expert support team. Uptime is at a guaranteed 99.9% and it’s much easier to find things with their unique cPanel.
A few customers feel like it is not the fastest, while others have experienced server connection errors.

GoDaddy Customer Service

Help & Support:
Live Chat:
Phone Support: (480) 505-8877
Youtube Help Chanel:

Still, Need Help? Let’s see How to contact GoDaddy Customer Support?

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